Part 6 :Where is the baby 🍼

Mel~*is sitting for Melly , watching her play with her toys , she has a lot on her mind , but playing with Melly always makes her smile*

Melly~*rocks her baby kitty and feeds the kitty a bottle , she asks in her cute little voice * Miss Mel , where is your baby ?

Mel~*she answers simply in her quiet voice * Wanda had Gurdor take her to the Stone Realm

Melly~*asks curiously * but why ? Was she sick ?

Mel~*tries to find the right words to explain , so she does her best * no , she is going to school there to learn about Gargoyles

Melly~*giggles and says innocently * she can’t go to school , she is just a teenie baby

Mel~*smiles softly and shakes her head * she has grown since you have seen her last Melly , she is a very big girl now , she grew fast like all Gargoyle children do

Melly ~*thinks about this for a moment and says with a smile * oh ok *she then gets up and places the baby kitty in Mel’s lap * here miss Mel you can hold my baby then . *she then sits next to Mel * and don’t worry , she will always be Tiny

Mel~*smiles and inside feels such a warm feeling , Mellys innocence makes her so happy , what a sweet girl she is * Thank you Melly , she is a very sweet little baby kitty *she watches as Mellys cat plays with one of the toys enthusiastically and while Toto tries to figure out what a teddy bear is doing in a tiny bath tub *


felt there needed to be an explanation about where Mel’s baby is , especially given all that has happened to Mel since having the baby 😛 she will be brought back in another time , but I thought this was much needed lol

Thanks for reading !