Wanda’s Tale 🔥

Mel~*grabs onto Wanda and pulls her close , she says in a soft voice filled with emotion * you’re here , I got you back

Wanda~*smiles and chuckles ,kisses Mel softly on the lips * you are adorable Mel , of course I came back , but I sure have a story to tell you

*they both sit down in the large green armchair at V’s and Wanda tells her tale*

Mel~*makes herself comfortable next to Wanda and asks softly * what happened to you in the underworld ?

Wanda~*takes a deep breath, then begins * well I took your book , got into the underworld really easily , I took the underground tunnel , I was intending to just walk up to some fire and drop it in once I found some , so I just kept wandering around until I saw a pool of fire next to some large rocks , I was just about to toss the book in , when a voice called out to me , it said “don’t throw it in , nothing good will come of it if you do “ and then I said “what do you know about it “ and then it said “I was sent by the Moderators , they want that book , if you do not give it to me , I will kill you “ and then I said back to it “you can’t kill me , but you can try” then it got all irritated with me and charged at me and I held the book over the fire and it stopped dead in its tracks inches from me !

Mel~*gasps* then what happened ?

Wanda ~*smiles and continues * well I told the creature to explain themselves further , what will happen if I destroy the book , it said”if you destroy the book you will destroy the Traveler’s experiences and erase them from every realm they have been to except the one they are currently in “

And then I said “well that doesn’t sound so bad “ and then it became even more annoyed with me and it’s voice became very dark , it said” Give me the book !” And then I tossed the book in the fire and ran and didn’t stop running , because the thing was screeching behind me , I could hear it the entire time , I think it must have tried to retrieve the book from the fire , because as I ran an acrid smell and a cloud of black smoke followed me , I don’t know how far I ran or where I was going , pretty soon I realized I was lost , I’m not sure how long I wandered the underworld , that place is enormous , I passed by room after room , then after a time someone found me, a man wearing a very wild plaid suit , he asked me if I wanted a drink , I just laughed and said , I just wanted to get out of there and get back home and he said alright let’s go and here I am *smiles brightly at Mel * and I am very grateful to be back here

Mel~*says softly and smiles , so very happy to have her Wanda back * I’m so very grateful to*then remembers something , she says softly * I need to tell you something

Wanda~*says gently * go ahead , what is it ?

Mel~*looks down and says quietly * I had to ask V for help

Wanda~*for a brief moment her eyes flash , she pats Mel’s hand , smiles softly at her , she knows V all to well *you don’t need to say anymore , I understand why you had to do it

Mel~*looks so relieved , starts to cry softly , she was so scared to tell Wanda what she had to do *

Wanda~*speaks gently looking worried * hey it’s alright , I’m not mad at you , shhh *she touches Mel’s face gently and kisses her softly , pulling her close *


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