V and the Very Obedient client

V~*smirks and lays back in her chair , she says in a warm sultry voice * Do come in

*a figure wearing a white cloak steps into V’s Boudoir, the figure seems anxious , their hands twisting nervously in front of them *

V~*smirking amusedly sensing the visitors nervousness * Oh , don’t be nervous dear , I don’t bite …*pauses and smiles a crooked smile at the figure *…too much..*laughs lightly*

*the figure in the cloak lowers their hood , revealing highlighted long blonde hair , her voice soft * Please , I need your help

V~*smirks and chuckles lightly , her eyes sparkling with delight * yes I know dear and I assume you understand what the payment is for my help ?

*the girl nods and says softly, almost a whisper * ….Yes ….

V~*smirks more and leans forward in her chair , her voice warm but strong and commanding, she knows who this girl is * kneel in front of me Mel

Mel~*shoulders visibly trembling she kneels down in front of V , she wraps her arms around herself and looks at the floor , her hair hanging around her shoulders softly *

V~*Looks pleased with her obedience , her voice a bit kinder this time *Very good , now tell me , what is it you need my help with

Mel~*speaks softly and emotionally * It’s Wanda , I think she is in trouble , please help me , I will do anything you want .*she practically lays on the floor , vulnerable , she will do anything and she understands clearly what V wants from her as payment *

V~*regards Mel with interest , then she says almost gently but firmly , touching Mel’s head* please look at me

Mel~*slowly looks up at her , her shoulders still trembling , her eyes stressed *

V~*reaches out and touches Mel’s face gently * I will help you. *looks curious for a moment , her eyes seem to look through Mel and into her mind and then asks knowingly * ..why was Wanda in the underworld …

Mel~*her eyes become teary, she manages to say with emotion* she …. she was trying to … destroy my book … it can only be destroyed in the fires of Hell , it will free me from the control of the moderators . The Librarian told us .

V~Hmmm…. how very interesting , so you are a traveler as well *she says this knowingly with a crooked smile*

Mel~*nods and asks softly *how do you know about us ?

V~*smirks slightly and laughs lightly * One day I may tell you , but now it’s payment time , then we must see what we can do about Miss Wanda , I will call in a few favors , I’m sure we can rescue her from whatever peril she may be in *she snaps her fingers and a pair of handcuffs appear on Mel’s wrists , her eyes flash and a smirk plays on her lips * lets go have some fun *winks at Mel *

Mel ~*gazing up at V says in a whisper * ….I will do whatever you want ….

V~*says with eyes that flash with intensity, her voice warm and sultry * How Wonderful


V can be quite devious at times 😈 , but she does require payment and money doesn’t interest her 😜if you have been reading the stories so far , you will know what V is and what V wants .

I wonder who V will call in a favor from ?🤔

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