(14)To the Stone Realm

*a white carriage pulled by white horses pulls up in front of Darius’s house . A hooded coachman jumps down and approaches the door to the house , he taps on it 3 times *

Darius~*puts his hand gently on Mel’s shoulder , his voice soft and kind * remember , if you stay calm , your powers will too *he puts something on her wrist quickly but gently before she can protest*this will help

Mel~*panics for a moment at the feeling of something being placed on her wrist , she looks down and sees it is another bracelet , she looks at him worriedly*

Darius ~*looks her in the eye and says gently but reassuringly * it will not harm you in any way , it is a stabilizer , that is its only Purpose , it will help you keep your powers in check

Mel~*takes a deep breath , feeling herself relax a bit , nods , puts her hand on the bracelet , it feels warm and comforting , she then feels someone slipping an arm around her , she knows who it is , she smiles , her face flushing *

Wanda ~*smiles softly at her * are you ready ?

Mel~*nods and smiles at her , says softly * yes I am ready

Darius~*smiles at them both * the coachman is waiting , he will see you both safely to the Stone Realm

Wanda ~*takes Mel’s Hand , smiling gently at her , leads her to the door , opens it , nods at the waiting coachman and then follows him to the coach , pulling Mel onto it with her*

Mel~*leans against Wanda after they are both seated, eyes closed , feeling safe and calm with Wanda’s arms around her and the comforting warmth of the bracelet that Darius gave her , she is now wondering what the Stone Realm will be like , will the gargoyles like her ? Will they be as nice as Wanda? , these thoughts keep her mind free of her other worries *

Wanda ~*smiles softly as Mel relaxes against her , she herself thinking about how long it has been since she has seen the settlement, her home , it moves frequently for safety reasons , she will have to keep a close eye on Mel , she knows her people were never aggressive in the past , but she wonders if time has changed them as it has changed her *


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