The strange vanishing girl , two pink bottles and hope

The Strange Vanishing girl , two pink bottles and hope

Melissa ~*went to find Mel when she didn’t come back from laying Melly down , she was worried , she is shocked to find Mel laying almost lifeless on a bed , a strange girl sitting beside her *

Melissa~*is shocked by the girls appearance , but she keeps her voice calm * who are you ? *holds up the bottle * what is this ?

Strange girl~*in a soft monotone voice says * who are you ? What is this ?

Melissa~*looks at her curiously * you tell me first

Strange girl~*in the same voice says * you tell me first

Melissa~*thinks for a moment , the girl is repeating what she is saying , but why , she asks gently * can’t you speak on your own dear ?

Strange girl~*stares blankly at Melissa , she doesn’t repeat the words , it’s as if she may be contemplating what Melissa said , her dark glittering eyes stare at her *

Melissa~*asks one more question , gently * what is your name dear ?

Strange girl~*in a slightly less monotone voice she says one word * …Blank …*her voice sounds uncertain , as if she knows what the word name means , but she doesn’t know what her name is *

Melissa~*turns to look at Mel on the bed , concerned , doesn’t know if she is alright , she can’t believe she let herself be so distracted with the strange girl and not trying to revive Mel , she feels her wrist , she has a very feint pulse , her breathing is shallow , she calls out for Anthony loudly * ANTHONY! HELP!

*moments later Anthony bursts into the room, he sees Melissa sitting next to a lifeless looking Mel , right behind him is Lavinia , a bottle of some dark pink liquid in her hand , they both sit down beside Mel , as if this was expected , Lavinia making Mel drink from the bottle*

Melissa~*looks at them both and asks quietly * what’s going on *she doesn’t know who Lavinia is , she is so worried and confused *where did that strange girl go ? Did anyone see her leave

Anthony ~*says gently to Melissa * no , but we are going to help Mel , we are running against the clock though

Lavinia~*tries to explain simply * Mel has been given what’s called a displacement drug , it disorients you enough to where it makes you vulnerable and so afraid you don’t know what’s going on , she was then given whatever is in the pink vial that was in her hand , I have given her a counter drug , only time will tell if it will work , as I don’t know exactly what was in the pink bottle *she doesn’t explain further , but she may know more than she is revealing *

Melissa ~*looks so worried she might cry * will she …. die ?

Lavinia ~*looks at Melissa and says in a serious voice * no , but the result , if it occurs will be much worse than death

Melissa ~ But who was the strange girl ? She was here just moments before you both came

In the room !

Lavinia~*nods * we know , I have been tracking her and as soon as I detected her near this house I came right away . She herself is not dangerous , but she was given specific instructions to give Mel the drugs that have put her in her current state , the drug I gave her will counter the effects of the other two but it will take time , someone MUST STAY with Mel at ALL times , because one more attack and things will not be possible to counter .Do NOT take your eyes off of her even for a moment .

Wanda ~*bursts into the room , the bond she has with Mel alerting her , she feels so guilty she could not have come sooner *

Wanda~*leans close to Mel and says softly * I’m here my love , I’m here

Lavinia ~*watches Wanda with a calm expression *

Wanda~*looks at Lavinia and asks as calmly as she can * what happened ?

Lavinia~*a very small smirk plays on her lips but her voice remains friendly * she was attacked by a girl , one the moderators call “the Blank one “ so far all we know for sure about her is that she does what they tell her . I have heard rumors such a girl was going to be created , but I had no idea they had made such progress . She is a hybrid . I was consulted in the early stages when I was working for Horatio , She is also capable of learning and absorbing , she is dangerous to some degree on her own because she has no conscience , no sense of right or wrong at all , not to say she can’t learn that , but the moderators are certainly not going to teach her that , I’m surprised honestly that they sent her out in such a raw condition *looks at Melissa and smirks slightly * I do apologize but i dug in your head for information, I do not usually do that without asking , I hope you will forgive me

Melissa~*still feeling overwhelmed just nods and manages to mumble out something quietly that sounds like * umm… yes.. ok …

Wanda~*seated beside Mel says solemnly * I will stay with Mel , I should have been here for her , I am her sentinel , this should not have happened

Lavinia ~*nods and gives a slight smirk * of course . I want alerted as soon as she regains consciousness.

Wanda~*nods and says solemnly * I will alert you right away and I will not take my eyes off of her at any moment


This part took me forever to get published , just been in an emotional slump lately I guess 🙂

Hope you guys like this latest episode !

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