(1)The story of Mel , the witch and the Gargoyle ~Pt 1

Chapter one : Divina

Mel~*shifts in her sleep , darkness fills her mind , then suddenly as if in the distance , as if she were walking through a dark wood ,suddenly , a lantern lights , it’s flickering flame beckons to her , she follows it , as she follows it , dark trees pass her , but her eyes do not leave the light , in what seems like no time at all she is suddenly standing before a dark foreboding house , gargoyles guard the front entrance , their eyes follow her as she in her dream makes her way up the stairs , the door to the house , as if expecting her opens on its own , she finds herself being drawn inside , the door closes with a soft click behind her , her eyes look ahead and see another door and a light behind that door that seems to be calling to her , she follows it , entering the room it seems very warm and friendly and a voice speaks to her *

*the voice warm like honey says kindly * do come in dear and sit , I was expecting you

Mel~*obeying the voice she walks into the room , seating herself down in an armchair , her fingers touch the soft fabric as they rest on the arms of it , feeling all the stitches that hold it together , she asks softly * am I dreaming ?

*the woman smiles and speaks warmly once more * that depends … *she steeples her fingers , watching Mel with interest * do you think you are dreaming

Mel~*looks up and says in a quiet voice * I don’t know … everything seems so real ….*she glances around , she can see the details of the room in the firelight , there are books , statues , lanterns and a friendly fire in the hearth , she looks at the woman * I can even feel the warm fire

*the woman smiles , her eyes lighting up with interest and something more, says softly * yes , very good … Mel

Mel~*as if she knows the woman brought her here somehow ,she asks in a quiet voice * why am I here and who are you ?…*and adds softly * please …

*the woman smiles , her dark grey eyes light up and the fire light seems to dance in them * I am Divina …

Mel~*asks softly * why am I here …

Divina ~*speaks softly to her * you are safe , as long as you follow my rules … but as to why you are here , I wanted to meet you , the human with the secret that she wishes to share with no one , because she is afraid .. *raises an eyebrow waiting for a reaction *

Mel~*twists her hands in her lap , her hair falls in her face as she looks down at them , says quietly * I don’t want to talk about that

Divina ~*smirks slightly but is still speaking kindly * oh but I do dear , not only will you outlive other humans but you have something else that they do not have .. an ability that interests me very much ..

Mel~*her breathing becomes staggered , she says in a whisper * please don’t make me talk about it …

Divina ~*speaks warm as honey to her * maybe if you tell me what I want to know , you will not find it so painful to keep to yourself ,such a burden to keep alone …*she adds with such a deeply sympathetic voice * … it must be so painful

Mel~*can feel the tears burning her eyes , she has never told anyone , she can’t , they wouldn’t understand , she tearfully whispers * … it is …

Divina ~*keeps her voice warm and sympathetic * yes , I know dear , now tell me if I am correct , that when you “die”, you are immediately placed elsewhere in time or place ?

Mel~*is squeezing her own hands so tightly her knuckles are white , she says in a tearful voice * … I don’t know … I don’t remember everything , if it weren’t for my hidden di…*she stops , suddenly aware she is telling Divina what she has never told anyone *

Divina ~*looks interested and speaks warmly still * hidden ? What is hidden dear ?

Mel~*in a pained voice she says * after it happened a few times , I started keeping diaries , I made myself concentrate and write things on myself or stuff notes in my pockets so I would remember what happened and what I left behind … I don’t know why I can remember where I put them , but I can always find them … it’s the only way I can remember …

Divina ~*looks at her with even greater interest , watching Mel over her steepled fingers * indeed … very curious … but could you look at it as being immortal ?

Mel~*looks up with a tear stained face and almost shouts at her , letting some of her frustrations out, hair still mostly in her face * No it’s not like that ,I die or leave or whatever happens from one place , then I am sent away to another place , I want to stay where I am now , I can’t let it happen again. I don’t want to leave here , I wish I was immortal , then I wouldn’t have to leave here , it’s why I am so determined to find a way .. *she is standing now , chest heaving with emotion , she sinks to her knees , she sobs into her hands covering her face *

Divina ~*has stood from her chair and she slips her arm around Mel as she kneels down beside her , speaking gently * oh my dear girl , if it means that much to you , I will do what I can for you , the bracelet has given you a tool to help , it will help you live longer than most humans , we just have to find a way to protect your life .. *smoothes Mel’s hair gently, she will need help coming up with something that will be strong enough , she puzzles over this while holding her close and comfortingly,

Divina ~*quietly says a sleeping spell over Mel as she holds her , she feels her relax in her arms , she lifts her easily and carries her to a bedroom that is nearby and lays her gently down , covers her up and sits next to her , stroking her forehead * you need to stay with me awhile ,you need rest and when those who love you are ready for your return , I will release you to them , but for now sleep sweet girl , you are safe here … *she smiles softly down at Mel , she stands slowly and walks from the room , the door closes lightly *