(3)The story of Mel, the witch and the Gargoyle , pt 3

Chapter 3 : Explanations and anchors

*Wanda leads Mel to a large ornate door , a carved D in the center is decorated with Crows perched on it , stars, moons and black cats . *

Wanda~*looks at Mel and asks softly * are you ready ?

Mel~*nods but doesn’t look in the least ready , she takes a deep breath and tries to stop the fluttering butterflies in her stomach *

Wanda ~*knocks on the door and it swings open for them both, she leads Mel gently inside *

Divina ~*is sitting in a large black armchair in front of a very friendly fire . Her voice is warm, like before , like honey * please come in my pet *she indicates a chair just in front of her , which is smaller than her chair and deep blue in color *

Mel~*looks at Wanda nervously once , who gives her an encouraging smile , then sits down softly in the chair that Divina has offered her *

Divina ~*smiles , steepling her fingers together as her arms rest on the sides of her chair, speaking an answer to the concern on Mel’s face * yes Wanda may stay …*watches as Wanda moves to stand beside Mel , but remains quiet* I have been considering your situation and I do not believe one aspect of it, not that I do not believe shifting happens to you , by this I mean , there is not a clear explanation as to why this happens to you , I believe like a ship at sea , without an anchor you simply float away , although in your case it is a bit more complex , but this is my hypothesis on this matter .

Mel~*looks at her curiously and says quietly * an anchor?

Divina ~*nods and says matter of factly but kindly * yes , such as an emotional anchor , something that is keeping you here , something or someone , that if you lost , you would wish to no longer be a part of this place or time . I am not saying that is the only way you shift , but it is possibly the strongest reason .

Mel~*thinks about this for a moment , trying to remember things she has written to herself about the places she has been , she says softly, twisting her hands ,some memories that plague her late at night , seeping into her mind now , her heart gives a painful pang in her chest * … yes , I see …

Wanda ~*lays one comforting hand softly on Mel’s shoulder *

Mel~*looks up gratefully to her and smiles , then looks back at Divina as she speaks once more *

Divina~*regards both Mel and Wanda for a moment , a slight crooked smile coming on her lips , but she keeps her thoughts to herself for now and says instead * so I believe , You yourself are in control of staying or leaving , once you can grasp hold of that fact , I am sure you will be able to stay here if you wish , or move on , it will be your choice and not by chance , do you understand ?

Mel~*nods and says softly * I think so …

Divina ~*regards Mel quietly for a moment * you are a very curious human my pet . Such a tangle of different aura’s , where humans usually  have just one , you have a layer of them , but they are all kept very close to you , as if you wish to protect yourself with them , may I ask , what is your greatest fear ?

Mel~*startles only slightly as she is asked this , she was thinking about what Divina Just said about her guarding herself, she looks up and says quietly and honestly * … being forgotten …

Divina ~*raises an eyebrow at her and nods , tapping her two steepled fingers together and regarding Mel over them* I see , such an honest answer , but I do not believe you need to fear being forgotten , you are quite remarkable for a human , unique , strange and intriguing .

Mel~*can feel Divina’s eyes almost piercing into her very soul , she looks away , then down at her hands , shakes her head , says quietly , almost in a whisper *… I’m not any of those things …

Divina ~*looks at her curiously and asks gently * why do you say that ?

Mel~*rubs her hands together , then says honestly * because I only know how to make mistakes , I ruin things , I’m needy , I’m clingy , I am too emotional … I …

Divina ~*holds up her hand and magically stops Mel with a spell , says gently * ..enough… *leans forward in her chair, speaking gently still * let me give you my assurance , that to me , you are all the things I said you are , believe me or not , but you may be to others as well , but do not seek for them to tell you these facts , let them show you by their actions ..

Mel~*keeps looking at her hands , she can feel Her eyes burning *

Wanda~*kneels down beside her and takes one of Mel’s hands in hers , says gently * Mel , look at me ..

Mel~*looks slowly at Wanda , her eyes brimming with tears , one tear escapes and rolls slowly down her face *

Wanda ~*smiles gently and softly with her fingers wipes the tear away , says gently * I believe you are all the things Divina said , I find you also charming and quite lovely … *strokes Mel’s face softly and lovingly , her piercing yellow eyes gazing back into Mel’s sea of blue *

Mel~*cant help but smile , feeling her face flushing , her hand slowly and softly going over Wanda’s , says quietly and sincerely * thank you Wanda , I think you are too ..

Divina ~*watches this exchange with interest , says under her breath * I believe you have found another anchor , my pet …. *a sly smile plays on her lips as she observes them *

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