(2)The Story of Mel, the witch and the Gargoyle , pt 2

Chapter 2: The Gargoyle

Mel~*wakes up in the four poster bed that she was laid in , at first she doesn’t remember where she is , she sits up quickly , what was the woman’s name ? Divina ? , she looks around the room , she starts for just a moment , there is something in this room , something that seems to be standing guard , a winged something , she freezes , heart racing for a moment , wondering what to do , then it moves *

*the creature unfolds its pitch black wings , noticing Mel is awake , it’s piercing yellow eyes watch her closely , it’s severe claws flex and stretch, scraping the carpeted floor slightly , it shakes its dark feathered head , very hawklike in appearance , then stares at her , it doesn’t speak it just stands in her room like a sentinel *

Mel~*it doesn’t seem like it is threatening her so her heart calms a bit , she asks softly * can you speak ?

*the creature looks at her and without moving its mouth she hears it speak * I am One of the Grand high Witch Divina’s Gargoyles , here to watch over you miss Mel , you have no need to be frightened of me . I have no orders to harm you .

Mel~*her throat goes a little dry as she hears the voice say this , no orders to hurt her , that’s good , she asks curiously * how are you speaking to me ? Your mouth isn’t moving

*the creature smiles , well ,about as well as a beaked winged creature can * I am speaking into your mind . Divina gave me permission , she knew you would want to know about me , after all a creature like myself is quite startling at first .

Mel~*smiles softly and pushes the hair back from her face , her voice quiet * yes , I suppose you are . But you are very beautiful , your wings are very sleek and shiny

*the creature tosses its head proudly * thank you for that compliment , I do not receive many . *it bows it’s large beaked Head *

Mel~*smiles softly * you’re welcome , do you know if I am allowed to leave this room ?

*the creature nods , says kindly but precisely* yes , you are allowed , if I accompany you …*and as if answering a future question says * I can transform into something more appealing if you prefer ?

Mel~*raises both eyebrows in surprise * you can ? And not saying you are not beautiful as you are , but maybe it would be easier if you were more … human shaped maybe ?*shrugs and gives an awkward smile *

*the creature smiles in its way again and then begins to become engulfed in a black sparkly cloud , spinning fast inside it *

Mel~*covers her face a bit because of the wind that kicked up , but still keeping one eye on what’s happening in the room, when the wind stops and the black cloud fizzles away , a woman is standing before her ,long silky black wavy hair hangs down her back , wearing a simple black dress , striped tights , black shoes , a bow with a skull on it in her hair and striking ,piercing yellow eyes that look back at her , deep rouge lips smile at her , she says softly in awe * … wow …

*the woman laughs softly * you may call me Wanda *holds out her hand to Mel * come with me …

Mel~*still in a bit of awe , she almost absentmindedly slides off the bed , then finds herself hand in hand with Wanda , she finds her voice * it’s amazing .., except for the eyes, I would never have thought you were ever the gargoyle

Wanda ~*smiles and laughs warmly * thank you , you are very complimentary *leads Mel through the house and into a rather large dining hall and turns to her * are you hungry ?

Mel~*had not thought about food , she doesn’t remember the last time she ate , answers quietly * yes , very

Wanda ~*smiles kindly * then please sit *indicates one of the ornate dining chairs *

Mel~*sits down , her feet not even touching the floor , the chairs are so tall *

Wanda ~*instructs her kindly * whatever you would like , speak it out loud and it will appear

Mel~*looks at her curiously for a moment , then smiles and remembers , this is a witches house after all , why not * I would like , roast beef and mashed potatoes and a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie for desert , oh and some cooked broccoli *giggles * I suppose I should have something green … *she watches the table and suddenly several plates appear with just what she ordered , she whispers * wow , this place is amazing .. *she grabs her fork and eagerly and hungrily begins to eat *

Wanda ~*stands like a sentinel in the room , watching over her charge with her piercing yellow eyes *

*suddenly a very tiny girl with long black curly hair enters the room , she is dragging a black bunny in her tiny fisted hand , she looks at Wanda then at Mel , she walks up to Wanda and says softly * this is her ?

Wanda ~*smiles and nods * yes this is Mel . She will be staying here with us for awhile .

*the tiny girl looks at Mel with her pale eyes , one is almost white , with a shiny skull in the center , the other is sparkling white with a black pupil in the center , she climbs into the chair next to Mel, says in a cute little voice * hello , my name is Tempest

Mel~*swallows a bite of food and smiles , the girls eyes are intriguing , she has met ghosts before so she is not afraid * it’s nice to meet you too Tempest , I am Mel

Tempest ~*giggles * yes I know , you are famous here , we all know you

Mel ~*looks between the two of them * how am I famous here ? I don’t understand

Wanda ~*explains kindly * the witch has known about you for some time now , she has her ways , but she was waiting for the right moment to … *thinks how to say this * … .. invite you here .. *gives her a soft smile * she has known about you since the day you slipped her magic bracelet onto your wrist .. her magic is in you now , along with other contributions ..

Mel~*thinks about all this , how complicated her life has become Lately , she says softly * oh I see … *is all she can come up with as her mind is full of thoughts *

Wanda ~*walks to Mel and kneels down beside her , gazing up at her with her piercing yellow eyes , she reaches out and touches her hand gently * I do not believe she means you harm , but I do not suggest ever crossing her , I tell you this because I am concerned for your well being .

Mel~*looks back into the piercing yellow eyes , says softly * I will try not to.

Wanda ~*smiles kindly back , squeezing her hand * and I will help you , I give you my word .

Mel~*smiles softly * you are very kind Wanda , thank you …

Wanda ~*smiles still , her eyes shining as they gaze back into Mel’s , stands once more and commences her guard duty *

Mel~*glances around the room , it’s very ornate here , candles on the wall flickering their light , making shadows dance across the room . She feels a bit nervous about how she was brought here , she doesn’t remember how it happened , it seemed as if she were dreaming , but the dream was so real , she quietly takes another bite of food , her mind whirring , thinking about her situation and wondering if she will ever find the answers to the solution she is longing for *

Divina ~*enters the dining room and smiles * is everything to your liking ? Is our Wanda taking good care of you my pet ?

Mel~*looks up and sees her and says quietly * yes , it’s very nice and Wanda is wonderful

Divina ~*Smiles and laughs warmly * I’m so pleased , well when you are finished eating , I want you to come to my study

Wanda ~*nods * I will bring her personally *bows her head respectfully to Divina *

Divina ~*nods a satisfied nod and walks slowly from the dining room *

Mel~*after Divina leaves she turns to Wanda , her voice soft , almost a whisper * will you stay with me , in Divina’s study …*twists her hands nervously , almost holding her breath waiting for the answer *

Wanda ~*notices Mel’s nervousness and reaches out to touch her hand , says in a warm gentle voice * yes , I will stay with you

Mel~*feels relief enter her heart and she smiles brightly * thank you Wanda

Wanda ~*smiles and laughs slightly * it will be my pleasure dear

Mel~*smiles and finishes up eating , not to fast , as she is still nervous to know what Divina wants to talk to her about , but Wanda will be there and she trusts her *

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