The morning after : A naughty little side story 😈 Part 1

Mel~*wakes up with a pounding headache , she groans , her eyes not wanting to open yet, but slowly she makes them open , her voice strained , her site blurry * ughhh what happened .

Mel~*looks at the bottle in her hand , the label looks blurry as her eyes have not yet adjusted , but it looks like alcohol * what the ? But I don’t drink , why do I have this *she then hears an amused chuckle coming from beside her , she looks over to see a woman with Blue hair leaning beside her , wearing a sheer red robe and nothing else , she gasps, wondering who this woman is , but she can’t find her voice to speak*

Trixie~*with a playful smirk she says * oh you are awake , my my , you were so playful last night , I’m surprised you haven’t slept the day away , wasn’t she sister *she looks at V who is laying on the other side of Mel *

V~*chuckles amusedly and smirks * indeed you were Miss Mel , you simply couldn’t get enough , but we were more than happy to oblige weren’t we sister ?

Mel~*gasps and covers her mouth in shock * OHMYGAWD! did we ?!?!?! *she looks at both women with the one eye not covered by her tousled hair *

Trixie~*winks and smiles * of course Dear , many times , like V said , you couldn’t get enough

V~*smirks *yes , you were quite energetic , more than enough for the two of us *winks * which is rare for a human to satisfy just one Succubus , but two ? You are quite a special girl miss Mel .

Mel~*still in shock she says in a quiet voice * I think I …. better go …

V~*puts her arm around Mel and says in her sultry voice * alright sugar , but remember , you are welcome to join us again anytime *winks and gives a playful smirk *


Lol I knew something like this would happen with two Succubus demons in the house 😱

Hope you guys enjoyed my naughty little side story 😈💜

Part 2