The Game 🖤

#6~*pulls Mel to sit with her on the feinting couch * I am sure you have more questions for me , so I devised a little game for us to play

*the cuffs fall off Mel’s wrists and a dice appears in her hand *

#6~*smirks playfully * I want you to roll the dice , whatever number it lands on , is how many questions you get to ask me

Mel~*looks at the dice in her hand , she does have one question she wants to ask #6 , she rubs the dice once in her hand and then lets it roll to the floor , she watches eagerly as the dice rolls and then stops on a number *

*the dice lands on the number 1 *

#6~*smiles and her Amber eyes seem to glow* ask me your question Mel

Mel~*looks at #6 and asks the one question she has been longing to *…. What is your real name ?

#6~*regards Mel with an impressed look , she chuckles lightly and leans close to Mel , she whispers in her ear * my name is dangerous to know , it will put your life in peril , do you still want to know ?

Mel~*thinks about this for a moment , alsoRemembering what #6 had said to her earlier about being the most protected girl in the world , what kind of danger would befall her for knowing #6’s real name , she says softly * …. yes ….. *a feeling of nervousness enters her , Will this answer start something that should not have been ?*

#6~*touches Mel’s face gently , her voice is soft and warm , the space around them becomes a wall of protection as she whispers * my Name is Crimson Ambrosia


Crimson is definitely my Favorite new Character ^^ I could not resist putting Mel and her together , I really adore them both so much ^^

hope you guys like the story …