Part 3:The further Failings of a demon named Kurai

Kurai~*is standing in Aleister’s pub , his arm propped up on the bar , he sighs , he looks like the most defeated man in the world , is also grumbling to himself , something about wrinkled suits , he is clearly not worried about all the malicious stares he is getting from the other patrons ,that look as if they would like to murder him , he runs his hand through his hair , muttering now something about women *

Aleister~*approaches Kurai with a delighted smirk , he pats him dramatically on the back * why so down Kurai , isn’t everything going your way today?

Kurai~*glares at him , but doesn’t dare challenge Aleister , he knows he is more powerful , he looks down at the drink in his hand , he knows he could drown his sorrows in this glass , he could forget for just a few blessed moments , all the failures he has had in his life , today cementing himself in his own mind as such, getting his body back is the only good thing that happened today *

Aleister~*puts his arm around Kurai and says in a kinder voice * you wanna talk?

Kurai~*looks up at him and through his disheveled hair his eyes look gratefully at Aleister , never have they seen eye to eye , but he has to admit to himself , he needs a friend * ya , I do

Aleister ~alright , lets here it ? Why are you in my pub looking like a sorry sack of dog shit ?

Kurai~*he runs his hand through his hair again , he must look a mess after his failings tonight, takes a deep breath and decides to start his explanation with a confession* … I tried to take Snow White from V…. *he waits for a response from Aleister , but sees his nod , telling him to continue , so he does * well needless to say but I got my ever loving ass kicked by some pet of V’s , might have been a dragon of some kind , I don’t know , anyway I high tailed it out of there before the thing could shred my suit . Then I tried calling on the new parents , just wanted to see the baby *can see Aleister’s eyebrow raise and he admits *….alright alright , I was trying to take the kid , the Red Demon would give me a shit ton of money for a human/gargoyle hybrid …

Aleister~*gives him a discerning look and asks * have you learned your lesson this time ?

Kurai~*sighs and shrugs * hell I don’t know *pauses for a moment , then looks worriedly at Aleister, sounding honestly honest for once in his existence*…. I have lost everything Aleister , I have nothing , no house , no money , no love … nothing …*gives a slight disheartened laugh* life finally catching up to this old trickster , guess I should just pack it in , who the hell would miss me anyway?….. no one …

*he glances at his glass once more , then bring the mug to his lips and downs the entire drink , puts his head down on the bar , longing to forget *


I don’t think I can say “poor Kurai” cause he finally got some of what was coming to him . Maybe … just maybe he will have learned this time … idk … maybe he can change ? But from his track record , I won’t hold my breath 😛 if he wants any chance for love , I’m sure he will have to work very hard to find it again

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