The Fox Goddess and the Moderator Revealed !!

Melly~*comes running up to Mel , Melissa and MeliB, breathing fast from running and she gasps out * there is a … Fox lady! … she .. she wants to talk to you , all of you

*the three girls look at each other , Melissa , being the bravest one , grabs the other girls hands and leads them from the place they were , walks with them to where Melly shows them and they all three stand before the fox lady, they look at her in awe , they have never seen someone like her before , 3 foxes hide between her nine purple tails , her wise purple eyes watch the girls *

Kumiho~*nods regally at them when they have all gathered in front of her and says in a voice that sounds unearthly * I am Kumiho, fox goddess , I have called you 3 to me , to reveal the mystery of the moderator , to tell you how you might see her

Melissa ~*looks at her curiously * but they can’t be seen , they have no bodies

Kumiho~*laughs and it sounds like 100 unearthly bells , but not unpleasant * you may see them , but you must look beyond yourselves , look into the beyond *she indicates with her arms, which are enclosed in the folds of her exquisite robe , pointing to the the space behind them * look there , behold! The Moderator

*the girls turn around , they each gasp and react in their own unique way to what is revealed to them , a Giant of a girl is standing just behind them , they all cannot move or speak for several moments , then Melissa steps forward bravely and points a finger at the giant *

Melissa~*with finger pointed she says in a bold strong voice * WHY have you done so many terrible things to us!! Why did you kill some of ourselves !?

*the giant looks bewildered and confused by her question , then smiles and says * but I did not kill anyone , there was no one to kill, there are only the 4 of you , no others

Melissa ~*looks confused and asks * what do you mean ?

Moderator~*smiles a bit , laughing slightly * I am the one that controls everything , I make things happen to keep your lives interesting , I bring you what you need , I tell you what you should know , hovering unseen in the background , your lives are so important to me , because through your experiences , you help me live , you help me smile , you help me go on , without you my life would be a Cataclysm of emptiness . You fill my world with joy and happiness , I Love you each so very much . You are all my inspiration ! *the moderator gestures dramatically but honestly with her arms * My Children!

Melissa~*tries to wrap her mind around this revelation , she looks at the other girls , she asks a question quietly as if remembering something from her past * we were all like MJ once weren’t we , in boxes ? We were opened and brought to life ?

Moderator~*smiles holding up one finger in confirmation * yes ! I  Brought you all to life to bring me joy and inspiration ! I felt it was time to talk to you all and explain things and tell you all how important you are to me !

Melissa~*nods and asks quietly * but Moderator , there is one of us who has suffered much by your hand , she has told us of it all . Why her ? Why do you torture her so ? She has experienced more loss than anyone of us ! *she indicates Mel standing next to her *

Moderator ~*looks down for a moment , very much like Mel does when she is unsure or upset , then looks up again , her eyes are sincere * Mel yes , well she is my muse , my pallet of paints , my well sharpened pencil , my canvas . She has had more thrown at her then all the rest of you because she has been with me and I with her for such a very long time , she has experienced loss, pain and sadness because of my failures with others of my kind . So I wanted to give her all of you so that she would not feel alone , give her someone’s that she can’t lose , because I will not take them away from her , to make up for what I have done to her

*she looks at Mel and says softly , taking her tiny hand gently between her giant finger and thumb * I am so very sorry Mel , for all that I have put you through , but I want to thank you , because through everything , you have taught me valuable lessons , ones that have shaped and changed me . I am not perfect , but the lessons you have taught me , have opened my eyes . I Love you dear Mel , you will always be inside my heart .

Mel~*she looks at the Moderator , she says in her soft quiet voice * I forgive you and I also Love you

Moderator ~*looks so happy , she picks Mel up ever so gently and brings her softly to her and hugs her *

Mel~*is set back on her feet with the other girls , she asks quietly * I will be here for you when you need me Moderator

Melissa ~*smiles and nods * and so will I .. *she looks sideways at MeliB and kicks her slightly since she seems to be unresponsive to this tender scene *

MeliB~*shrugs and says in a very unenthusiastic voice * ya ya …. me too …

Moderator~*looks at them all and smiles, deciding not to comment on MeliB and her attitude * thank you ! All of you ! Here’s to all of our further adventures and to all of you ! My Inspirations and my Muses !! I Love you all !!!


Being a character in the story was fun !

But hey I wanted this long drawn out saga to have an epic ending LOL I hope you all enjoyed it and I will have new stories for you soon !

My dolls and I want to say thank you for always reading the madness ! We Love you ALL!!

~xoxo’s from Just Mel and her Dolls ❤️😘🥰

New mini side story I am working on ….