(9)The Eternal Realm

*stepping though the doorway of Divina’s is a woman with short blonde hair , highlights of black run through it , she is dressed all in beige except for the black lace that is hanging down one side of her head , a clock is wrapped around her waist *

Divina ~*sees her and smiles * Good evening Hortensia , it’s so lovely to see you again dear , the human we wish you to take to your realm is in the study , one of my Gargoyles will be accompanying her as well .

Hortensia ~*smiles * that’s alright , I will make sure they are both well taken care of *she takes a device out of her pocket and studies it *the portal will be closing soon , we have a limited window today , we need to hurry

Divina ~*smiles * I quite understand *motions for her to follow her to the study , she opens the doors a days gently * Mel , Wanda , Hortensia is here to take you to the safe place . *she stands back to let Her in *

Hortensia ~*smiles at them both * Ladies , if you would please come with me , I’m sorry to rush you but we have a limited window , the portal will close soon .

Mel~*looks at Wanda , still holding her hand tightly, she asks softly and nervously* where are you taking us ?

Hortensia~*smiles and says gently * no need to be nervous Miss , we are going to my realm , it is called the Eternal Realm . You will be safe there . Now please follow me , we need to hurry

Mel~*looks at Wanda nervously *

Wanda~*gives Mel an encouraging smile * remember we will be together , It’s going to be ok

Mel~*nods and smiles softly, then with Wanda ,follows Hortensia out of Divina’s *

Hortensia~*looks back once to make sure the two are following her and leads them to the edge of the dark forest , a man is waiting next to the portal *

Horatio~*taps the device in his hand and says a bit urgently * it’s going to close in a moment , I only asked for a limited time as we were merely collecting two to travel with us

Hortensia~*laughs amusedly * you worry to much Horatio , we have plenty of time , besides we need to prepare them for the journey , traveling in a portal is not exactly like crossing the street

Horatio~*sighs and mutters to himself * very well … *then nods at Mel and Wanda * I’m sorry ladies , now let me explain what will happen , when you step through the portal it can be quite disorienting , so we have goggles you both must wear , this will help you as you travel though , Hortensia and myself will accompany each one of you .*he hands them both a pair of goggles *

Mel~*takes hers and looks at them , slipping them over her head , the tinted lenses making the space they are in look odd *

Wanda ~*puts hers on and looks very excited , ready to get this adventure started *

Hortensia ~*holds her hand out to Mel and says gently * come with me miss , don’t be afraid

Mel~*looks at Wanda, she smiles a bit when Wanda winks at her, feeling a bit calmer *

Horatio~*nods at Wanda and holds out his arm for her * please take my arm Miss

Wanda ~*takes his arm , ready for anything , she finds this fascinating *

Hortensia ~*approaches the portal , which is whirring now and spinning before them , sparkling lights line the outer rim of the portal circle , the inside is like a twinkling black midnight , she looks at Mel and says gently * hold on tight to me miss and please try to stay calm *she steps through the portal with Mel , who is clinging to her with her eyes tight shut *

Horatio~*steps through next with Wanda , she looking thoroughly excited and undisturbed by this experience , he smiles at her , pleased he got the calm one *

*when they all are through , the portal closes *


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