The Dream Realm and the Wraith

Mel~*laying on a strange bed , she doesn’t know where she is , she gasps and covers her mouth with fisted hands as she sees someone here with her , wherever here is , she can’t seem to find her voice and her insides are trembling terribly *

*a pale girl with dark features is now sitting next to Mel , she looks very ghostly , she speaks with a voice as soft as a whisper from a grave * do you know where you are miss Mel ?

Mel~*can only shake her head no , her eyes wide *

*the girl speaks softly once again* you are in the dream realm , your body is asleep in the place you were before with Wanda , your mind is awake here , I am a Dream Wraith , my name is Mirage .

Mel~*lets out a whimper , she is so scared she has hardly been breathing , she manages to whisper * what … what are you going to .. do with me ?

Mirage ~*she says softly * I was abducted and forced by the shadow realm and the Moderators to bring you back to them , so I have given you a drug , to cause you to sleep so I could speak to you . They know nothing of me , they are foolish , they think I am their puppet , because in the world you inhabit Miss Mel , I am simple and unable to speak any words except but to repeat what another says , like a mockingbird . For my true home is here , in the dream realm .*she moves closer to Mel , her voice soft * do not be frightened , I am going to help you , but you must trust me Miss Mel

Mel~*still trembling she manages to ask *how? …How can you help me ?

Mirage~*gives a small smirk and says gently * I have my ways *she looks deep into Mel’s eyes and asks softly * do you remember when you were spoken to by a crow and it told you , you would no longer be in the place you were before ? And that you would not return to that place again

Mel~*the memory swims back into her head and she nods , whispers her answer * yes

Mirage~*smiles gently and touches Mel’s arm softly * I was the Dream wraith that spoke to you , my form then was a black crow .

Mel~*looks at her with confusion for a moment , but also she somehow understands now , she remembers Hortensia telling her not to listen to the Dream wraiths , she speaks quietly * you were right , I was taken from the place I was in at that time , I can’t find my way back . I don’t remember the name of the realm , but I know I lost someone that I loved .

Mirage~*smiles gently * I am so very sorry , but you will not find the way back to that time or place , but where you are now , with those that love you , you will be happy and safe once the moderators are disabled , but, I need your help to do that .

Mel~*she feels a pang of terrible sadness at what she lost when she was taken from the other place , but since then she has found her other selves and she has Wanda whom she loves and adores with all her heart , but she cant help but ask quietly * but how can I help ?

Mirage~*smiles softly , her voice still gentle and quiet * you do not know it , but you have the power to disable the moderators and they know that , it is why they fear you . It is why they have sent so many after you . But you are stronger now , with your other selves gathering , together , You can disable the moderators .

Mel~*looks confused again and asks softly * but how ?

Mirage ~ together you are all causing ripples and tears in time and space , where the moderators exist , they are not physical beings Mel, but temporal .

Mel~ what does Temporal mean ?

Mirage ~ Temporal is difficult to explain , to put it as simply as I can , the Moderators cannot exist or function in a time if there are rips or disruptions , they like it orderly and under their control , so you and your other selves must rip time so badly that they cannot come after you anymore , you will cause a rift so large around you all that they cannot cross it .

Mel~ how do we do that ?

Mirage ~*smiles * I will be there to help you , now I’m going to wake you up , when you are back in your current realm , you will see me again , you will be the only one that will be able to see me as I am right now , I will be invisible to everyone else . Once back I want you to gather all your other selves , another is on her way , she will be the next key in causing enough rips to disable the moderators , wait for her arrival *touches Mel’s forward and says softly * awake


To be continued …..