The 4th one , a pilot and the War

Mel~*is resting comfortably on the spare bed that Melly was given to sleep on while they stay at V’s , she suddenly feels someone gently shake her and a soft voice speaking to her *

Melissa~*is the one gently shaking her, her voice is also urgent * Mel wake up dear , I know where our fourth self is !

Mel~*her eyes snap open and she looks at Melissa , asks sleepily as she is not quite awake * how? Where is she ?

Melissa~*tugs on her * I will explain once we Are on our way , now hurry up , the window to the portal won’t last long I was told

Mel~*rubs the sleep from her eyes and slowly sits up , her brain waking up quickly though from curiosity , she looks for Melly , she asks Melissa softly * we should bring Melly too , where is she ?

Melissa~*smiles * yes don’t worry she is coming , she is with Wanda , she is eating , she will be ready when it’s time to go and I packed us some provisions for the journey

Mel~*smiles softly at Melissa , ever since she met her other self , she almost feels as if she is a big sister and so motherly and kind *

Wanda~*smiles coming up to them both holding Melly * here is Melly , fed and ready to go

Melissa~*takes Melly gently from Wanda and smiles * Thank you Wanda and I was wondering if you would please accompany us ?

Wanda~*smiles , now standing beside Mel * yes of course , I would be happy to *she leads the girls quickly out of V’s , understanding the urgency, they soon arrive in front of the glittering portal , they each take a deep breath and step through *

*they arrive at their destination instantly, Wanda noticing quickly , they are not the only ones here to see their 4th self , a man in a long leather coat is sitting beside their 4th self , who is encased in a box , she is dressed in a police woman’s uniform , Moss is growing around the box , there is a moss walkway lined with stones leading up to her *

*the man turns and smiles at the other girls and stands to greet them , as if he were expecting them * we were expecting you

*the girls are in shock for several moments , they all recognize the man, they know his name, they all whisper it softly * Anthony

Anthony~*smiles gently at them * I will let you girls talk , I will see you after , we have a lot to talk about *he bows politely to them all and walks away to give them privacy , he knows how important this meeting is *

MJ~*from her box , smiles at them all * I’m so happy to see all of you . I was waiting and hoping you would find me soon , we have much to share with each other

*the girls sit down in front of MJ *

Melissa ~*asks softly * how did you become entrapped in that box ?

MJ~*sighs and says with a soft voice * it is a very long tale , but I guess you could say , I was put in here as a lesson to others , most importantly ,to all of you .

Melly~*walks over to the box and puts her tiny hand on it , she can feel its power , she whispers * it’s humming ..

Melissa ~*pulls Melly into her lap , asking another question * what lesson would that be?

MJ~*says in a very somber voice * it is , do not underestimate the Moderators

Mel~*speaking softly for the first time since arriving , she says in a shy voice * we know , they deleted me from my favorite realm , they destroyed all of our other selves , I don’t even know how many we were and I don’t know if I will ever see that realm again *her voice cracks with emotion *

MJ~*speaks gently and with great understanding * you may see it again, but that is the least of your worries , the moderators wish to either enslave or destroy us all , we know too much , we became to powerful too quickly and with that power the ability to alter their plans at will . You must all remain vigilant , surround yourselves with powerful friends . For the moderators will send their lap dogs out again , you know at least one of them , to finish what they have started , destroying our books only delays them , even though it does free us from their control , but they intend to achieve their goal. To wipe us from time, space and every realm we have ever touched .

*the girls are all unable to say anything for several moments, even Melly remains still and quiet on Melissa’s lap *

Melissa ~*lays out the offerings they brought, it is all she can think of to break some of the tensions of the moment , she lays them in front of MJ on a flat stone that seems suited for such things , she gazes up at MJ once more , speaking softly * what can we do ?

MJ~*looks at her other selves , especially Mel and says gently * You Miss Mel , you have one of the travelers keys yes ?

Mel~*nods and says quietly * yes ma’am , Margo has the other one

MJ~*a small smirk plays on her lips * yes , Margo , she will be important to us very soon , do not let the sex demon drain her energies to much or she will not be able to help us when we need her . *she looks at all the girls* we are going to war ladies , war against the Moderators , be prepared . Stick together and with our powerful allies , we will have at least a chance to rid the universe of the Moderators and their followers .

Mel~*whispers , had stood moments ago , pacing as her nerves are all on edge* I’m Afraid *her arms tucked around her , she has known many horrors at the hands of the moderators and their followers , perhaps even more than her others selves combined*

Wanda~*says gently to Mel * we won’t let them win Mel , I will be here to help you and your other selves , for as long as it takes , I Love you

Anthony~*nods and says gently also with a vow in his voice * I will be here as well , I will do whatever it takes to see you all free of the terrors of the moderators . I promise

Mel~*says softly and appreciatively to them both* Thank you , you are both so wonderful , I Love you too

Melissa~*smiles * yes ! We are all stronger together , we can do this !

Melly~*smiles and says happily * YASSSS!!


To be continued…..