Tearful reunions ❤️

Mel~*stands before Darkus with anticipation in every fiber of her being , she asks nervously * are they here ?

Darkus~*nods , smiling gently, but says with a serious note * yes , Wanda and Onyx are here , but when you see them , you must remain calm , no hysterics , let Wanda come to you , do you understand ?

Mel~*is confused but she nods and says quietly * yes I understand

Darkus~*leads Mel to where Wanda and Onyx are seated , he keeps his arm around her , he can feel her trembling with emotion , he is very proud of her for keeping her emotions in check *

Mel~*sees Wanda and Onyx and she can feel her eyes watering with emotional tears , she longs to rush to Wanda , but she remembers Darkus’s instructions and as hard as it is , she stays put *

Wanda ~*approaches Mel and slips an arm around her , her free hand going over Mel’s , she says softly * I have missed you my Love

Mel~*she stands motionless as if in a dream for several moments , then breaks down and cries , clinging to Wanda , she is so overcome she cannot even speak *

Wanda~*holds Mel close and says gently , patting her back * it’s alright my Love , I’m here *a soft growling can be heard behind them , she whispers to Mel * my Love , I need you to be still now , can you do that for me ?

Mel~*hears her and tries to calm herself , she takes a deep breath , that’s when she hears the growling , she clings to Wanda and asks in a terrified whisper * what … who ?

Wanda~*says softly, but a note of caution is there * it is Onyx , you must remain still .

Mel~*tries very hard to remain still , so many thoughts going through her head , why is Onyx growling , she is her child , what will she do ? Doesn’t she remember me ? *

*suddenly the small girl is standing beside Mel and Wanda , the growling is deep , she sniffs at Mel , the growling slowly softens *

Wanda~*says something in her language * Onyx , you remember , she is your mother , you know her scent , you must not hurt her

Onyx ~*looks at Mel and in a cute voice , that does not match her looks , says * mama?

Wanda~*turns Mel to look at Onyx , she says softly * yes Onyx , she is your mama .

Mel~*when she sees her daughter this close to her , she is speechless , she has grown so much , she has changed , she is the most beautiful child she has ever seen , her eyes fill with emotion , she can’t help it , she falls to her knees and gazes into the small girls golden eyes *

Mel~*eyes filled with emotion , her voice filled with love and emotion as well * my sweet baby Onyx , I have longed to see you , I have missed you so

Onyx ~*reaches out and touches Mel’s face , she smiles her one fanged smile and says softly * mama , I Love you

Mel~*overcome with emotion ,tears stream down her cheeks and she hugs her daughter * mama loves you too my sweet girl *hugs her so tight *


I wonder when we will get the explanation as to why Wanda was gone so long with Onyx , perhaps a small clue is , the girl seems so like a little animal , growling and sniffing at Mel , hmmm interesting , I wonder what power the little girl has 🤔

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