Side Story : Part 3 , It’s a Hard knock life (the saga continues lol )

Mel~*is laying in a very warm cozy nest , she feels relaxed , her pain very much lessened , Wanda is sitting in a chair next to her bed ,she closes her eyes , knowing she is near , her breathing becomes soft and even *

Wanda~*watches Mel resting so peacefully , she smiles softly and her mind wanders to what the baby will be like , what traits will it show most , will it be an equal amount human and gargoyle , this is a very historic time for her people , never have they joined like this with humans , maybe this child can be the bridge to understanding and equality, the thought makes her smile more *

*in the corner of the room , unseen by anyone , standing  ,quietly observing , is Mirage , she makes no move to make her presence known to Mel right away , she truly does not wish to disturb her yet , but she must be warned , when she leaves the safety of the Stone Realm , the shadows have plans to capture the child she is going to have*

*a tall grey skinned nurse enters the warm , amber lit room and approaches Wanda , she speaks quietly , she does not want to disturb the peace in this room* Miss Wanda , you must get some rest , I will sit with miss Mel and you need something to eat , you are going to be no good to her when this baby comes if you are to weak to lift an arm *she looks kindly at her but with a quiet authority about her *

Wanda~*looks at how relaxed and calm Mel is and then looks back at the nurse , she says quietly back * alright , but keep an eye on her *smiles and then quietly leaves the room *

*the nurse seats herself near Mel’s bed , she takes out a book and opens it , reading quietly as her charge rests comfortably *

Mirage~*moves closer to the bed , her arm extended , sending out calming vibes , she does not wish to startle the girl into labor , her voice sounds like a soft wind * M..e…l …

Mel~*her eyes snap open and she stifles her gasp with her hand , she sees Mirage ,she is not afraid , just surprised ,she knows she is a Dream wraith and no one else can see her , she also knows she is attached to her somehow by magic , she stays quiet and listens *

Mirage~*speaks softly , quiet as a Dream * You must be warned dear Mel , the shadows are after your child , they cannot harm you here , here you are safe , but they make plans even now to steal the child once you leave the safety of the Stone Realm . You must tell Wanda . We must warn all of your allies . You must make them understand. You …. must …even … now… they … gather …*her voice fades and so does she*

Mel~*looks at Mirage and nods , her stomach flipping nervously , her hand resting gently over the bump that has now grown so much since discovering her condition , she must protect her child from the shadows , she must make everyone believe what Mirage said , but how can they believe when they cannot see Mirage , she wishes there was a way they could all see the Dream wraith , she stares at the space where Mirage vanished from and gently strokes her stomach , thinking *


This Side story is taking on saga like qualities lol 😂 I will get back to the main story like eventually xD

Please enjoy my madness 🤪