Side story , Part 1: It’s a Hard knock life

*in one of the spare rooms at V’s , where Mel and her sisters are staying , Mel is curled up on the bed , hands clenched into fists pressing into her stomach , she seems too weak to move and she is moaning softly , her Hair is slightly damp from her crying earlier *

Melissa~*is in the room sitting beside her , stroking her forehead , she speaks softly * Mel can you hear me , whatever is the matter dear ? *but all she gets in response to her question is a soft whimper of pain , she can feel Mel’s body shivering , she gets a look of deep concern and reaches for the phone on the bed , she dials a number , it rings*

*The conversation goes like this *

*the voice answers on speaker phone * Dr Lavinia Blackwater here.

Melissa~*breathes a sigh of relief * yes , Doctor can you please come to V’s place , it’s an emergency , something is wrong with Mel and she has not been able to tell me what’s wrong , but she seems to be in a lot of pain . Please can you come ?!?

Lavinia~*understands the urgency in Melissa’s voice * I will be right there , don’t move her

Melissa~*hangs up and sets the phone down on the bed , anxiously waits for Lavinia , she looks down at Mel worriedly , what could be wrong ?*

Lavinia~*arrives quickly , by magic , swiftly goes to Mel’s side , examining the girl quickly and expertly , she wraps her arm around Mel’s waist and tries to determine where the pain is coming from , but from the way the girl is laying , she assesses that the pain is coming from here specifically, she also listens to her heart , which is beating unevenly *

Lavinia~*looks at Melissa and says softly * I have a suspicion what this might be , if it’s what I fear , her life could be in extreme danger .

Melissa ~*a look of shock and worry on her face , she asks * what do you think is happening ?

Lavinia~*looks at Melissa seriously and says with conviction * I believe she is pregnant

Melissa~*gasps, she of course knows how this happens , but who is the one that procreated with her , the only partners  she has had recently are V and Wanda , she whispers the obvious question * but who ?

Lavinia ~*a serious note to her voice * this is a supernatural pregnancy , but it is very rare .*she slips a pink bracelet , a medical one she invented that can lessen pain , onto Mel’s wrist *

Melissa~*gasps again * but she has only been with V and Wanda recently and they are both female

Lavinia~*she can’t help but let a slight smirk form on her lips , then she becomes serious again * It’s different for supernatural beings , The sex of the being is not always a factor , maybe Gargoyles are capable of impregnating a human ? Succubus Demons I believe are very careful , also I think V is one of the most cautious *looks at Melissa once more and asks * where is Wanda ?

Melissa ~*shrugs and says quietly * I don’t know

Lavinia ~*says seriously * we need to find her , now

Wanda~*as if she heard them , but more likely she felt Mel’s distress, she appears at the bedside , she regards the situation, she asks Lavinia quietly as if she knows exactly what’s going on * is she ?

Lavinia~*looks at her almost sternly * yes , do you happen to know why this happened ? Was it planned , or were you careless ? I don’t pretend to know a lot about your kind , but I would like an explanation

Wanda~*looks worriedly at Mel then at Lavinia once more * I have made arrangements for her care in the Stone Realm *but this is all she seems to be able to explain , her eyes are full of stress and worry *

Lavinia~*softens her tone slightly but she still speaks sternly * you know what will happen if she dies from this ?

Wanda~*looks down and says quietly * yes … *is all she can say *


This is an idea I have been playing with for awhile now , I was having a super bad morning , depression , anxiety , the usual , so this was the perfect distraction , writing is my escape always . Thanks everyone who is here and reading this the fruit of my over active imagination lol , you are very much appreciated and loved ❤️

Part 2 :