Pubs and Confessions are good for the Soul : A naughty little side story , Part 2

Aleister ~*hops up on the bar and smirks slightly but his voice is friendly, extremely surprised at seeing a human in the pub * we don’t get many humans in here , what’s up Love ? Only a desperate human would come in to my pub

Mel~*sighs and says in a defeated voice * my life is a mess

Aleister ~*looks at her curiously* wanna talk about it ?

Mel~*looks up slightly and nods * well I woke up in bed with two Succubus demons .

Aleister ~*looks at her impressed, chuckling lightly * wow , humans don’t usually live to tell a tale like that ?

Mel~*sighs again * yes , I know , it’s a very long story . But my problem is , I am in a loving relationship with someone and how do I tell her what happened , how can I tell her when I don’t even know how it happened myself

Aleister ~*listening carefully , offers his own advice * my advice is to tell her what you just told me , honesty usually works pretty well , I mean she may be angry for awhile , but at least you didn’t keep it from her right ?

Mel~*nods and takes a deep breath * yes , I suppose you are right , but I just feel awful , how could I be so careless

Aleister ~*smiles * everyone makes mistakes love .

Mel~*takes another sip of her black coffee and sighs again * yes , but I bet I make more than your average human

Aleister ~*laughs and smiles * that maybe so , trouble just seems to follow some *indicates a man in a suit standing near by * take Kurai for example , that man is in trouble all the time , finally got himself in trouble with Lord Lucifer himself and is suppose to be doing good for someone , so don’t beat yourself up , at least you aren’t that guy

Mel~*when she hears the name Kurai her heart stops for a moment , she slowly turns pale . She doesn’t dare turn to look around *

Aleister ~*notices her fear and says quietly * don’t worry Love , I won’t let him bother you *for now he knows who she is , he remembers her and her “sisters” and by her reaction to Kurai , this Is the human Kurai almost killed , his voice is low and quiet as he leans closer to her * now I know who you are , I can take you into my apartment and have someone come pick you up

Mel~*looks gratefully at him * Thank you sir , that would be so very kind of you

Aleister ~*smiles and winks at her * it’s no trouble Love


I just love writing little shorts 😛 this one was particularly fun lol

Part 3