Part 8 : Oh no you Didn’t MeliB ! 😱

Melissa~*hands on her hips she is scolding MeliB* I FORBID you to see that man again ! He is dangerous !

MeliB~*looks at her with an attitude and has her hands on her hips  as well , arguing back * You don’t know him like I do !

Melissa~*gestures in frustration at her and shouts * HE IS THE ONE THAT ALMOST KILLED MEL!! That’s ALL we need to know about him !

MeliB~*shrugs and shouts back * That’s NOT FAIR! so he made a mistake , she IS annoying after all !

Melissa~*smacks MeliB hard in the face * how dare you !

MeliB~*scowls more and shouts * why is everything all about her ! I met a man I like and I am NOT going to stop seeing him just because of a mistake he made with HER !

Melissa~ *her voice raised more now * YES YOU WILL STOP SEEING HIM !!

MeliB~*shouts back * NO I WILL NOT STOP!!!*storms from the room *

Melissa~*collapses into a chair , breathing hard , is so upset *

Mel~*peers into the room cautiously just in time to see MeliB leaving in a rush , she bumps into her and almost falls , MeliB glares at her then keeps walking away, she says softly , almost timidly * Melissa ? Is … are … well , is everything alright ?

Melissa~*shakes her head and motions for Mel to come closer * no , come sit with me Mel , we need to talk

Mel~*walks over to Melissa and sits down beside her *

Melissa~*speaks gently to her * Mel , We have a situation , I wanted you to be aware that MeliB has started seeing that man that almost killed you dear . I told her to stay away , but she is so willful , I don’t know if there is much we can do to stop her

Mel~*looks shocked and covers her mouth with her hand * oh my *despite MeliB’s words about her earlier , she expresses her concern * we have to get her away from him , I don’t want her to be the one hurt next

Melissa~*nods in agreement * yes , but how to convince her , she knows already of his treatment of you , we all do and she still wants to pursue him , I’m afraid there is not much we can do dear

Mel~*looks down at her hands and says softly * there must be something


Forgive the horrible lighting ^^ but I really felt like writing this part tonight , it’s an idea that’s been in my head for awhile and I kept hearing this conversation 😛 everyone knows who MeliB has fallen for right ?

He will show up hopefully in the next part of this tale 😈

Thanks for reading !