Part 5: The Hero and the Flirt

Melissa ~*gasps as she sees the garishly dressed man step into the room , he is holding a small someone in his arms * Melly!!!

Aleister~*smiles kindly * I believe this belongs to you miss

Melissa~*with happy tears nods , taking Melly from the man * How can we ever repay you for bringing her back , we have been so worried

MeliB~*from the bed , seeming causal about this whole thing, her eyes though have not left the garishly dressed man with the shocking fuchsia hair , she says with a sultry air * I can think of a way *she winks and wets her lips , laying sexily on the bed *

Aleister ~*sees her and he can’t help but look very interested *perhaps I will take you up on that Miss ?

MeliB~*smirks playfully * I’m MeliB *winks at him *

Melissa~*huffs , looking daggers at MeliB and says with disgust * honestly ! *then turns back to the man * I’m so sorry about her

Aleister~*chuckles and says honestly * heh, it’s no problem Miss *peers once more at MeliB and winks , then says with a slight smirk * alright gotta go , duty calls ….laters ladies *smirks playfully and then he is gone , as quickly as he had come *


Lol this one must be my shortest yet , but I love all the aspects of it xD

Hope you guys enjoyed it ^_^