Part 4 : Melly is missing 😱

Melissa~*is searching V’s place for Melly , she can’t seem to find her anywhere , she is getting very worried , she calls out for MeliB to see if she has seen her *

MeliB~*shrugs * nah, I haven’t seen the kid , last I knew she went to see Mel and the baby

Melissa~*sighs * alright I will go and speak with Mel then

Melissa~*sees Mel and the baby sitting in one of the large armchairs and hurries over* oh , Dear Mel have you seen Melly , I can’t find her anywhere in the house

Mel~*nods and says softly * yes , she came to see me and the baby just a little while ago , then she jumped up and said she needed to go find her cat . I heard the door open and close after that , she must have gone outside

Melissa~*fear clenches her heart * oh dear , I hope she is alright … thank you Mel *she turns and hurries from the room , a frantic Feeling flutters in her heart , she says to herself * where could she be …

****meanwhile , outside of V’s *****

Melly~*wiggling to try and free herself * Let me go mister !! Let me go!!

Kurai~*is very drunk now from his binge at Crowley’s pub , somehow ending up near V’s after leaving the pub , grabbed a child that looks frighteningly familiar to him , very much like the one human he wants revenge against , the one that ruined everything for him, the one that caused him to lose everything , including his body ,his drunken smirk plays heavily on his lips * quiet Tiny human *hiccups* while i decide what to do with you *hiccups* Revenge is sweet , but so is money ….But what is even better *his eyes flash dangerously * …I will get both .. *starts laughing darkly as he carries the squirming tiny human away *


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