Side Story: Part 4 : it’s a Hard knock life : The Baby

Part 4 ,The baby

*in the warm cozy room , Mel stirs , she knows it’s the baby , it’s ready , it’s almost as if it told her it was coming *

Mel~*her breathing calm for now , despite the fact that she has gone into labor , she says softly to Wanda * the baby wants to come now

Wanda~*smiles , she has been waiting , births here are always calm, never stressful , it’s one of the properties of this place , she speaks gently * hold on tight to me Mel

Mel~*closes her eyes , she lets out a soft cry as she feels a little pain happening , she clings to Wanda , as she feels a bit frightened by the sensations *

Wanda~*keeps her voice calm as Mel clings to her , speaking gently , she can feel Mel tense when the pains hit * it’s alright , everything is going to be alright , you are doing just fine

*a kind of cry is heard in the room , but only for a moment , it sounds more like an announcement ,it was the baby , letting everyone in the room know , it has arrived , the baby with its deep black eyes looks around *

Nurse~*kneels down beside Mel and Wanda with the baby and holds the baby out to them*

*they both gaze at the little bundle wrapped in the pink blanket Mel insisted on bringing , she felt the baby was going to be a girl *

Wanda~*gazes at her child and whispers a question to Mel * what shall we name the child ?

Mel~*smiles and says softly in a gentle whisper , gazing at the small bundle* Onyx Willow

*the two happy parents smile with such Love at their little bundle , in this soft dimly lit room , it feels as if , at least for this moment , all the world is at peace *


Wanted to keep this one short ish and still have a touching scene with the new parents 😉 they are my fave dolly couple , I adore them so much ^^ for those of you have not read all of the stories , it’s all pretty much about these two , how they met and how they got to this point at being parents .

Thanks for reading ^_^