Part 21 : Ace

MeliB~*watches from the top of the stairs , now kneeled down and watching through the bars of the railing , someone is walking through the front doors of the mansion , a tool belt around their waist , a pair of headphones 🎧 over their ears , clearly enjoying their music , long dreadlocks cover their head ,she watches as they disappear into a room just under the grand staircase , her curiosity causes her to get up from her hiding place and make her way quietly and slowly down the stairs , she pauses when she hears what sounds like strings being plucked on a bass , then continues walking until she has reached the main floor , she makes her way tentatively towards the door the sounds are coming from , she stops , her hand moving slowly to the door as it is slightly open and she gently pushes it open just a crack , peering inside *

*inside the room , the person is sitting beside a large bass , repairing the strings and tuning it , she bobs her head to her own kind of music , as if she has multiple ears to accomplish both, she sets the Bass gently back on its stand and reaches for a soft cloth and a bottle of some liquid and begins gently polishing it *

MeliB~*leans a little more and pushes the door , it creaks and she gasps , holding her breath now , hoping the person did not hear anything , she starts at a voice that comes from inside the room *

“Come on in , if you’re curious” *the words are said with a smile , then the hands of the girl continue to work on the instrument she is holding *

MeliB~*takes a deep breath , she holds the front of her shirt closed with one hand , as she has habit to do now when she is nervous , she pushes the door open after a moment of decision making , she can see when she opens it , that this room is dedicated to music , she forgets for a moment as she enters , as to why she was curious , her eyes in awe of the lovely instruments that fill this room , then jumps slightly as the voice speaks again*

“So , you decided to come in , you can sit down if you want * a hand indicates a chair nearby*

MeliB~*as this is suggested she walks slowly to the chair and sits down in it , she says in a quiet voice * I’m …. sorry if I disturbed your work …

*a smiling face looks at MeliB and winks * nah , you’re fine *smiles * I’m Ace by the way *the eyes are friendly and have a certain sparkle to them *

MeliB~*cant help but smile back , looking into the friendly eyes , replies softly * I’m MeliB

Ace~*smiles at her and winks * it’s a pleasure to meet you *she then turns her attention to the bass once more , but continues the conversation * So tell me your story ,how did you come to the Dark Mansion

MeliB~*feeling so comfortable with Ace , there is just something about her she trusts , something that has put her at ease very quickly , she tells her * Darius brought me here to free me from the shadows , they were inside me and Icarus took them out

Ace ~*stops her work and looks at MeliB , studying her closely , she then moves the bass back and puts the polish down and turns her full attention on MeliB * Do you remember how the shadows got to you ?

MeliB~*she hears this question and wrinkles her eyebrows in an effort to remember , she rubs her fingers on her temples * that’s the trouble , I don’t remember , I just remember Kurai and then after I was plunged into the darkest place I have ever been

Ace~*listens with intensity and empathy, then says gently , reaching out and softly touching MeliB’s hand *I’m so sorry

MeliB~*as soon as Ace’s hand touches hers a kind of electricity happens inside her , she lets out a small gasp and pulls her hand back, her face feeling flushed , she quickly looks at the floor *

Ace~*instead of looking shocked , a slightly crooked smile appears on her lips , she then gently picks up the bass once more and begins polishing again *

MeliB~*shifts a little in her chair , this feeling she has inside has not happened to her before , never has someone’s touch affected her like this, she doesn’t move , she stays looking at the floor for a few more moments , she speaks quietly , finding herself wanting to know more about this girl , her voice sounding strange to herself , she is still reeling a bit from what happened a moment ago * …. where … are you from Ace ?

Ace ~*her crooked smile becomes more wide and she looks at MeliB * Detroit …*she looks back at the Bass * and you ? Where are you from MeliB ?

MeliB~*she twists her hands in her lap , looking down at them , her voice quiet * I’m not really sure , but the last place I was , was the Rebel Realm , before that I don’t know .

Ace~*smiles and nods * oh , I see , I wouldn’t worry about it *winks at her and then continues her work*

MeliB~*looks up more , smiles and her cheeks flush when Ace winks at her , she feels a calmness inside her at the words , Ace makes her feel calm and safe and that’s what she desperately needs right now .she says softly * Thank you Ace

Ace ~*looks up and gives her a crooked smile * no problem

MeliB~*smiles and can feel the heat rising once more in her cheeks *


I’m so excited to see where these two end up , I’m sensing a romantic interest ? Perhaps 😉 we shall see . I have to say , Ace is becoming one of my favorite OC’s , I adore her so much ❤️

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