Part 20 : Claire , Reese & Uncle Darius

Part 20 ~ Claire , Reese and Uncle Darius

*down the rocky driveway of the Dark Mansion comes a coach , driven by chocolate brown horses , the coach itself is slick black in color , it stops at the door , the coachman leaps down effortlessly from the drivers seat and lands by the door to the coach , he opens it , from the door steps a small girl , long piping curls hang down from under an elaborate bonnet , she is dressed in proper Victorian attire , her bright face shines from under the bonnet , she gazes at the house lovingly , she then giggles and jumps down from the coach with the coachmen’s help , she then with curls streaming behind her and skirts rustling ,runs towards the mansion * UNCLE DARIUS!!!

Darius~*opens the door , his face lights up at seeing this young girl , he scoops her into his arms as she reaches out for him , he spins her around * my Darling Claire ! You have returned ! *as if remembering something important he sets her down , then gazes behind her towards the coach , looks down at her and asks with a smile * where is your sister ?

Claire ~*laughs and smiles * she fell asleep on the ride here *she points to the window of the coach , where the top of a head of brown hair can be seen *

Darius ~*smiles and laughs gently * oh I see , well , we should tend to her right away *winks at Claire and motions for the coachman to retrieve the sleeping girl , he puts his arm around Claire and leads her towards the Mansion, the coachman in tow , carrying the sleeping girl *

Claire ~*skips beside her Uncle happily , looks up at him with bright eyes * Uncle Darius , is the Spook still in the attic ?

Darius ~*smiles down at her and winks , leans close and says in a low voice as if telling a secret * yes I believe so

Claire ~*smiles and giggles excitedly * yay !!

Darius~*leads her to a door on the lower level , just under the grand staircase , he pushes the door open * here you are my dear , your room just as you left it , with a few special Gifts

Claire ~*gasps and smiles , hugs Darius *Oh!! Thank you Uncle Darius !! *she hurries into the room , spinning around excitedly and then sees the packages on a large arm chair , she hurries to them and lovingly touches one before picking it up and sitting on an empty chair to rip off the gold paper and ribbons , she lifts a new bonnet out of the first box she opened and her eyes gleam with happiness * it’s so lovely Uncle ! Thank you !! *she gets up , papers and all falling to the floor as she goes to her uncle and hugs him *

Darius ~*smiles down at her and touches her golden curls * I’m so happy you love it my dear *pats her head * now my dear , I must leave you , I need to see about dinner as we have many joining us this evening

Claire ~*smiles up at him * ok Uncle !!

Darius ~*pats her head lovingly once more and then turns and leaves the room , the door shutting with a click behind him *


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