Side Story: Part 2, It’s a Hard knock life

Wanda ~*sits across from Lavinia , hands in her lap , ready for the questioning she knows is coming *

Lavinia~*regards Wanda for a moment , then sighs and asks as calmly as she can * alright , talk , tell me how this happened

Wanda~*takes a deep breath and begins to calmly explain * Well it’s a very private thing , the process , I will not divulge details of that . I will say that yes , I am the one that impregnated her , in answer to the other question I can see brewing in your eyes , yes , we , as in my kind , can impregnate each other despite our gender roles or the sex we were assigned . To say that it is dangerous for Mel to become impregnated by me , yes , I would agree , but we spoke about it , all dangers were laid out and explained and she was determined to let it happen . *she only pauses for a moment , trying to be polite in case Lavinia has any questions , none were spoken so she continues * I believe it would be safer for Mel to be taken to the stone realm , she will be placed in the birthing center until she is ready to deliver , length of gestation is unknown at this point , as she is human , it could be shorter than a normal human pregnancy by a considerable amount , or longer , I do not know .

Lavinia~*has been listening intently , then nods * yes , if we can safely move her , then of course I believe your plan the best . Might I be allowed to accompany her? , I wish to observe and learn , also since I am more familiar with humans I may be invaluable to your medical teams at the birthing center .

Wanda~*nods* yes that will be fine ,this is something that has never happened before , so your presence will be quite invaluable I am sure .

Lavinia~Thank you Wanda , that is very kind of you to say* smiles kindly *

Wanda~*smiles softly and says sincerely * you are quite welcome Lavinia , it is good to have your help , Mel and I appreciate it so very much

Lavinia~*nods and smiles * it is my pleasure *she watches as Wanda moves to sit beside Mel on the bed *

Wanda~*leans close to Mel and says softly * Mel , can you open your eyes for me

Mel~*opens her eyes and smiles softly , the pain medicine Lavinia gave her is working and right now she is comfortable , she says softly * Wanda , you came

Wanda ~*smiles laughing softly * of course I came , I’m not going to make you do this alone , we are a team *winks * we made this decision together and we will see it through

Mel~*nods but says quietly , honestly , in almost a whisper * I’m a little bit frightened

Wanda~*smiles gently * it’s going to be ok , I won’t leave you for anything and Lavinia will also be there too see to your care

Mel~*looks confused for a moment * will be where ?

Wanda~*says gently * we are taking you to the Stone Realm , to the birthing center , it will be safer for you there , you remember it , we went there , you were able to speak to one of the mothers and she let you pat her baby

Mel~*nods and smiles softly , her voice quiet * oh, yes I remember , it was a lovely warm place .

Lavinia ~*stands beside them both , puts her arm around Wanda and smiles at them both * are we ready to go then?

Mel~*nods and takes a deep breath , whispers her reply * yes , I’m ready

Wanda~*smiles at her softly and nods * alright let’s go *a slight smirk appears on her lips * I brought the transport

*stepping into the room now is a very tall someone with dark hair and kind eyes , he smiles gently * it’s Nice to see you again miss Mel *he winks at her and sits down beside her , as Wanda and Lavinia move back to give him room , speaks gently, he can sense she is still a little untrusting of him and he can’t blame her * will you allow me to carry you ?

Mel~*when she sees who it is her stomach tightens then trembles , she is still a little frightened of him , but she nods and says quietly * yes

Aldon~*smiles at her and scoops her easily into his arms * I have a carriage waiting ladies , follow me