Part 18~ Minishka

Part 18: Minishka

Melly~*stands back away from the door , she is motioning silently for someone , or something to enter , she whispers, encouragingly * come on , come inside … come friend

*from just outside the door , a small girl with a large tattoo covering one side of her face , steps inside V’s , her pale shimmering eyes dart around as she enters *

Melly~*stands near this small girl and says quietly * we have to be very quiet ok , I want to keep you a secret

*the small girl looks almost like she is smirking , something is playing on the corner of her tiny mouth , but she seems either unwilling or unable to speak *

Melly~*pulls her new friend up onto the chair in the room * we can stay here , no one comes in this part of the house , except me *looks at her new friend curiously * we are going to be bestest friends ❤️


I adore these two little ones , we shall see what shenanigans they get up to 😈