Part 17 : White Carriages & Gothic Mansions

*a white carriage , driven by white horses , approaches a large gothic mansion, the name on the stone plaque leading up to the house says Dark , the home of Darius Dark , head of the demon police , headmaster at the Dark Academy for girls and advocate for humans *

Darius~*smiles gently at MeliB who is sitting pensively next to him in the coach, he speaks gently to her * we have arrived my dear

MeliB~*looks at him with her deep blue eyes , she nods , wrapping the black cloth shawl around her shoulders , she takes Darius’s hand as he offers it and steps down out of the coach , her eyes gazing upwards at the large house , the wind whipping her hair , she moves it back slightly with her hand , the dark house is enormous , she feels herself being led gently towards it , but she feels nothing , not fear , not curiosity , she has gone somewhere deep inside herself , where she does not have to feel or think , she can hide from the voices that plagued her while the darkness had over taken her and even now echo in the deep recesses of her mind *

Darius~*leads MeliB into his house , he notices she is very quiet , but does not speak to her , he senses she has gone inside her own mind and he knows it is how she is protecting herself right now , he feels sympathy for her , he hopes she will be able to trust him ,as he will try and help her past the trauma she has endured , he does not wish to frighten or distress her further . He leads her up a long staircase and to a door which he opens , leading her inside this room , he says gently * this will be your room my dear , if you need anything , all you need do is speak the words and help will come

MeliB~*looks at him with her deep blue eyes , she nods , then approaches the bed in the room , she runs her hand along the soft fabric , then sits gingerly down , gazing around the room as she does , she says very softly * Thank you

Darius~*smiles kindly at her * you are most welcome my dear ,is there anything I can get for you ?

MeliB~*she looks down at her hands suddenly , they are trembling slightly , she can feel her eyes burning , tears threatening , this burst of emotion coming from deep inside her*

Darius~*notices and with a gentle air , kneels down in front of her , he very softly places his hand over hers , his voice soft and warm * you are safe here , I give you my word , nothing shall harm you here

MeliB~*cant help it , she falls into him , hugging him tightly , sobbing on him , shaking with her need to release this *

Darius~*holds her tightly and comfortingly , like a father , letting his precious daughter know , that nothing can hurt her while he is around, he strokes her hair gently, letting her get out this emotion , his voice is soft and gentle* you are safe , nothing will harm you while you are in my house , I promise you this , my word of honor

MeliB~*she holds tightly to him , when she calms enough to speak she asks him quietly * the darkness , it can’t get in here … right ?

Darius~ *he speaks honestly , looking deep into her eyes * ..Nothing can harm you as long as you do not leave this house , do not let anything influence you to leave . You will be safe from all harm as long as you remain inside these walls

MeliB~*at these words she visibly relaxes , she wipes her eyes with the back of her hand and then moves back to look Darius in the eye , she says with much gratitude, her voice deeply honest , but it’s almost a whisper* Thank you , for keeping me safe , I appreciate it more than you know

Darius~*smiles gently at her , patting her hand * it is my pleasure


Note: sorry for not posting any new stories , I have had this one prepared for some time now , but did not have time to add photos , vacation took over my time lol anyways hope you guys enjoy ! Thanks for reading !😁❤️

Note : the images of the mansion and the carriage I got from google images , the plaque also but I edited it to place the name “Dark” on it .