Part 16: Fears of the mind

Darius~*steps into the room Quietly , he kneels down , so as not to seem threatening , his voice kept soft and calm , he speaks to the terrified girl huddled in the corner trembling * I’m here to help you my dear , please don’t be frightened

MeliB~*is the girl huddled in the corner of the room , she is whimpering very softly and trembling , ever since she woke from the darkness she was trapped in , she has been afraid of her own shadow *

Darius~*tries one more time , deciding on distracting the frightened girl with a rambling of things , he keeps his voice soft , warm and gentle * my daughter is about your age my dear , she is head girl at the school I am headmaster of , she likes it very much , there are many girls there , it’s a lovely old house , been in my family for generations *he continues on , describing the day to day life of the students at his school , he can see from the corner of his eye , that MeliB is listening , her whimpering has stopped and she is not trembling , he smiles internally and continues*

MeliB~*relaxes a bit more , listening intently to his story , almost as if she had been waiting for something to focus her mind on , instead of her fears, she asks in a timid small voice * …am I …. safe now ?

Darius~*hears her and smiles gently , his voice soft and gentle* that is why I am here MeliB , to see to it that you will be safe , alright ?

MeliB~*she looks at him , her eyes are red from stress , her voice shaky * I’m afraid , I’m so afraid

Darius~*says softly and gently , feeling compassion for this girl * I promise , I will do everything in my power , to see to it , that you never need be afraid again , will you let me help you my dear ?

MeliB~*looks at him with a desperate hope in her eyes , she says in a whisper* yes , please help me

Darius~*in his calm , kind voice , says * you will need to trust me my dear , alright ?

MeliB~*her eyes gaze at him , almost studying him, then nods *

Darius~*smiles gently at her and slowly reaches out to her * please take my hand my dear

MeliB~*trembling slightly , she slowly reaches out for his hand *


Poor MeliB , she is a mess after her ordeal , but I know Darius can help her , might take some time , but I’m sure she will be back to her sassy self soon enough 😉

but hopefully a little wiser than she was before