Part 15: Explanations in the shades

Part 15: Explanations in the shade

*in a circle , under the shade of a large tree , sitting and waiting to hear MJ’s story , are the others , Mel, Melissa , Princess Cupcake and Anthony *

MJ~*looks at each of her sisters and Anthony , then begins her explanations * I have much I wish I could tell all of you , but there are a few things that I am not at liberty to explain fully . I was freed from my box prison by Darius and a man called Tracker . Also you need to be aware of the fact that I work for the Underworld , but I can explain no further about that . Also ,You have all noticed that I am different than I was before . I have been changed , I am not allowed however to explain further , but know this fact , I am not human. *looks at Mel when she says this next fact * Something important you should also all be aware of , is that Kurai will no longer be a threat to any of you , he has been dealt with , but as to how, is Also something I cannot explain in detail . I’m sorry to harbor so many secrets , but it is for the safety of all of you .

Anthony~*is so curious , wants to know more , especially about the powers she showed in dealing with Kurai , but he holds his questions , he knows she cannot answer them *

Princess Cupcake ~*says quietly * I’m sure we can all respect that dear . We owe you much for saving MeliB and all of us .

Melissa~*nods * I agree 100 percent , thank you MJ

Mel~*says in her quiet way * yes , I agree as well , thank you MJ

MJ~*smiles * you are all so very welcome , but I need no thanks , for nothing could have stopped me from helping all of you , Kurai has caused enough tragedy in our world , it was time for him to be neutralized .

MJ~I must also tell you all that MeliB will recover , the darkness has been lifted , she is being cared for in an undisclosed location . When she is well she will return to us .

MJ~*continues* while this danger is past us now , we must remain vigilant , there are still evils surrounding us every day , waiting to reveal themselves , let us watch over each other and watch those who are weaker than us , together we can be a force for decency , Justice and equality !

*the entire group says in a solemn , sincere oath ,as one voice * together we are stronger!