Part 14 : Justice , Questions & Urgency

MeliB~*is laying unconscious on the feinting couch that Kurai has indicated *

Kurai~*stands with a smirk on his face , pleased with how his latest plan is working out *

Melissa~*standing bravely in front of Kurai , her determination to help MeliB is very clear * yes ! I’m sure you do know how to revive her , but you won’t until you get what you want will you ! *she looks disgusted with him * you are a foul creature Kurai !

Kurai~*smirks and chuckles amusedly * i will take that as a compliment *clearly he is enjoying this too much *

Melissa~*hurries to MeliB’s side , shaking her gently , trying to get her to wake , she says softly and urgently * please wake up MeliB , please

Kurai~*leans on a garden statue casually watching with amusement at Melissa’s efforts to wake MeliB, says sarcastically * ya that should work

Anthony ~*stands bravely and confronts Kurai* I have half a mind to take you on right now you evil bastard!

Kurai~*slides down off the statue and smirks at Anthony * what a fool you are Anthony , you would not win against me . I am in control and all of you WILL do as I say , or MeliB will die

MJ~*appears suddenly , a bright light in her hand, the air around them hums with the power of it , she shoots it at Kurai, shouting loudly * ENOUGH!!!

Kurai~*the light hits him HARD in the chest knocking him back against the garden statue ,the power from it so intense ,he could not even react ,he lays now lifeless and still *

Anthony ~*looks in awe at her, he doesn’t recognize her , questions erupt from him * who are you ? And how did you do that ? And where did you come from ?

MJ~*says calmly with a kind smile * I am MJ , I’m afraid I have a lot of explaining to do , but right now we need to get help for MeliB , she is fading fast

Anthony ~*nods , is still in shock , especially finding out that this woman is MJ , how did she get out of the box? Why has her appearance changed so dramatically , how did she disable Kurai so easily ?!? these questions and more buzz inside his head , but he knows she is right , they must get help for MeliB right away *