Part 13 , Melissa and the search for MeliB

Melissa~*with the device she was given , notices that several portals have been opened in the surrounding area , the device indicates one was opened just a few feet from her ,she knows she should not check them out alone , because no one knows for sure what Kurai’s intentions are , this may be very dangerous , but , she takes a deep breath , thinking to herself , I will just check this one , I really must do something , MeliB might be troublesome , but she is still important , she just wants to see that she is safe , she strengthens the portal with another device , she steps into the portal , just inside , a kind of music greets her , it’s unlike anything she has ever heard before , she pushes the hood back on her cape , glancing around cautiously , the place itself is also unusual , everything seems to be made of gold , she starts for a moment , as a large golden bird lands directly in front of her and stares at her , she wonders what she should do , so she decides to speak to the bird * excuse me please , but I am looking for someone *she holds out a photo of MeliB , her hand shaking slightly , unsure of the birds intentions , though it seems an intelligent sort of bird * have you seen this girl ?

*suddenly the bird dissolves in a shimmering explosion of golden sparkles , in its place is a young girl with sparkling golden eyes and long light brown hair , she smiles at Melissa , her voice when she speaks tinkles like bells * Yes , I have seen her , she came with a man , they passed through my realm and then immediately through another portal

Melissa~*in a bit of shock still from seeing the bird change into this young girl , is taken back a bit , but manages to pull her thoughts back together and nods so grateful * thank you , I’m so very worried about her *looks around for a moment and then back at the girl * what is this place ?

*the girl smiles and giggles , a thousand bells tinkling as she does * This is the Oracle and I am Phenix

Melissa~*cant help but smile at the girl * such a lovely place , I have never seen another like it

Phenix~*smiles brightly * thank you miss *points to a space a little to their right * that is where the demon Kurai opened the other portal .

Melissa~*smiles, not waiting to ask how the girl knows of Kurai * thanks ! *hurries with the device and scans the area , indeed there was a portal here as well , the energy signals from the residue of it are very clear , she takes out the other device like before and points it at the space , she presses a button and light shoots from the device , shooting out and creating a stable portal , she looks back at the girl * i must hurry after them , I truly hope I can find her , thank you Phenix for your help *she waves and then steps through the portal ,Cautious once again, unsure of where she will end up this time , she hopes it is a friendly place like the Oracle *

*through this portal , Melissa is met with a blackness , no lights can be seen except the ones seeping through the portal behind her , but that closes suddenly and she is plunged into utter darkness*

Melissa~*she can feel her eyes straining to find even a glimmer of light , her voice sounds out into this darkness , sounding small * ….hello? … please is anyone there ?

*a voice answers her , a not unfriendly voice *

….We are here… *is all it says *

Melissa~*had jumped slightly at the voice , her heart racing , her hand moving to her chest , she tries to calm herself before asking * … where is here ?

*the voice speaks once more * this is the kingdom of darkness

Melissa~*asks in a quiet voice that sounds loud in the blackness * please , can you tell me if a man and a woman came through here , they would not have stayed long I am supposing

*the darkness answers her once more * yes …. *then from not to far away from her , a light , dimly lights where a feint portal is still active , but was shrouded in this dark place * …there *is all it says *

Melissa~*says gratefully to the blackness * …thank you *she hurries towards the feint portal , using her device she strengthens the portal enough for her to step through, she braces herself for what might be in this next place *

*the realm beyond this portal is much brighter , or maybe it seems so bright after the pitch blackness of the previous realm *

Melissa ~*looks around and can’t help but smile , wherever the eye can see , are flowers , flowers of every description and some that she has never seen before * oh my goodness , what a beautiful place *she jumps slightly as a small voice speaks from below her *

*a small gnome is standing at her feet , a friendly smile greets Melissa , a squeaky little voice is speaking to her * welcome to the flower realm , please be careful and don’t step on the creeping vines , stay on the Stone path .

Melissa~*smiles at the small creature , she kneels down carefully until she is more at this creatures level and asks gently * I will be careful I promise , by the way , can you tell me , did a man and a woman come though this way ?

*the little gnome looks disgusted and with hands on his hips says * yes ! And they trampled my rose bush . They were very careless as they rushed into my gardens . They went through that hedge *indicates a large green hedge just a few feet from where they are *

Melissa~*smiles appreciatively at the small man and says gently * thank you so much *she then carefully steps on the stone walkway , avoiding the precious flowers and plants as she makes her way to the hedge the gnome indicated, when she reaches it , she tentatively extends her arm , it easily goes through the hedge , she moves a bit closer to it and her entire body is allowed through the hedge , she emerges on the other side , she startles for a moment as in this new space , everything is upside down , as is she , her hair dangling below her , she closes her eyes , feeling a bit sick , she says to the air around her * it’s so dreadful being upside down , can’t we have things right side up ?*she opens one eye and as she does , she sees that everything has righted , she takes a deep breath and smiles * thank you *she looks around , hoping to find someone in this place to ask about MeliB and Kurai , but so far she sees no one , just a kind of home setting , but what is odd about it , is that there is no house , just the things that go IN the house , but no walls or doors or anything , a clock is hanging in midair , along with paintings that seem to be hung on an invisible wall and a feinting couch is simply sitting by itself next to a rocking chair , she is reminded strongly of Alice in wonderland , what with the topsy-Turvy nature of this place , she calls out * hello ? Is anyone here ? *she cringes as she hears a very sinister voice coming from just behind her , she turns slowly , seeming almost in slow motion , she sees a man , wearing all black , his eyes a deep crimson , his lips curled in an evil smirk *

Kurai~*seated casually in a rocking chair , he laughs darkly * how adventurous and brave of you to follow me ,now I wonder what you intend , as you have found me *his eyes glint , clearly enjoying this moment *

Melissa~*keeps a brave face on , even though her insides are trembling terribly , her chin remains defiantly up , she asks in a strong confident voice * Where is MeliB Kurai

Kurai~*his eyes flash and his smirk widens , he steeples his fingers on front of him , elbows resting on the arms of the chair * she is there *indicates MeliB , eyes closed , now seen laying across the feinting couch *

Melissa~*she has to ask the inevitable question as MeliB is laying there very still with her eyes closed * what did you do to her ?!

Kurai~*laughs and it echoes around them * I did nothing to her

Melissa~*raises an eyebrow * I don’t believe you

Kurai~*he leans back casually in the chair * she is being consumed by her inner darkness , there is no one to save her now . When she wakes she will kill you all and I will enjoy watching the show *his eyes flash dangerously*

Melissa ~*looks at MeliB helplessly , there must be some way to bring her back to herself , to wake her , to help her , to save her , there must be, suddenly she hears a shout from behind her , she turns , just in time to see Anthony running towards her *

Anthony ~*approaches cautiously , noticing Kurai right away , he scowls at him , he knows he has no power against him , he stands protectively next to Melissa, he won’t scold her now for being so foolish , he is just glad she is alive and well , he addresses Kurai this time * tell us how to release her Kurai !

Kurai~*laughs amusedly * if it isn’t the drunk guy I pulled out of the gutter not that long ago , it’s nice to see you dressed and shaven , this looks suits you much better *smirks amusedly , very much enjoying this situation*

Anthony ~*looks annoyed , his fists clenched , he strains to keep his voice calm * Tell us NOW Kurai *he has one ace to play , he cannot do anything about Kurai , but he knows one who can , but he will call her at the exact moment of need *

Kurai~*his eyes flash but he smirks amused * quite demanding aren’t we . Why do you assume that I know how to bring her back ? And even if I did , do you think I would so easily tell you how ? It’s much more fun to watch you stumble to find the answer ….*his smirk widening as he laughs darkly * … yes , much more fun …


To be continued ……

***sorry for the lack of photos in this installment , but some things have to be seen in the imagination of the mind 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed it !