Part 12: Dough Doggies and afternoon tea

Princess Cupcake~*smiles at Melly and asks softly * Melly , would you like to meet some of my little friends , from my realm ?

Melly ~*smiles and looks excited * yes! please Princess Cupcake !

*from under Princess Cupcakes cape , tiny little beings emerge *

Melly~*gasps * ooooh!!!

Princess Cupcake ~*smiles and says happily * These are the smallest of my friends , the Tea duckins and the Cuppy chicks , they always have time for tea and cakes .

*then two more beings appear , they are round and white and fluffy, with tiny ears on top of their round bodies *

Melly~*giggles and smiles , reaching out to them * oooh what are these ?

Princess Cupcake~*smiles* those are the Bon Bon bunnies . They love to help me bake .

*she smiles as the little Bon Bon bunnies speak in their language , clearly excited at meeting someone new * they like you Melly

Melly~*smiles so brightly * I like you too Bon bunnies !

Princess Cupcake ~*Smiles and says quietly * there is one more to meet , he is very shy , he is called a dough Dog . See if you can get him to come out Melly *just under her cloak , a cream colored dog , with fur that looks like dripping dough , is hiding shyly *

Melly~*smiles and says gently * come on Dough doggy , I want to be your friend *she holds out her hand to him , smiling softly *

*after a moment or two the Dough dog comes out and sniffs Mellys hand *

Melly~*giggles and smiles * you are cute Dough doggy !

Princess cupcake ~*smiles * shall we have afternoon tea miss Melly ? With our friends ?

Melly~*smiles and claps * yes please !

*they each take a tiny tea cup , Melly giddy with happiness , forgetting her worries about her mommy for now *