Part 11 : a Princess of Cupcakes ? And a plan

Melly~*runs into the room excitedly , she is tugging on the skirt of a very familiar looking girl * I FOUND A PRINCESS!!! *she looks so excited she is flushed *

*the girl smiles at everyone and says in a cultured , refined voice , one would almost say she has an “accent” * Bonjour , I am , as the small one said ,a princess , Princess Cupcake . *she curtsies to them all , her sparkling pink eyes gaze at them , her thick brown curls bounce when she moves *

Melissa ~*smiles and approaches her , asks gently * oh my goodness , another , where are you from dear ?

Princess Cupcake~*smiles and looks thoughtful for a moment * my Home , it is called the Sweets Realm , or La Patisserie ,as we who reside there affectionately call it , where everything is edible as far as the eye can see , where every day there is a new sweet treat to enjoy

Melly~*jumps up and down excitedly * Ooooh ! I wanna go I’m starving !!

Princess Cupcake~*smiles and laughs gently * dear little one , I shall take you there one day *picks Melly up and sits down with her , placing her in her lap *

Melly~*squeals in delight * yay !! I get to go to the sweets realm !!

Melissa~*wants to join Melly in the happiness of this moment , but she remembers what has happened , she says quietly* I do not want to ruin the happiness of this moment with bad news , but I wanted to inform you all that MeliB is missing

Mel~*covers her mouth in shock *

Melly~*frowns and looks at Melissa* …she went with that bad man !

Melissa ~*looks at Melly ,in shock * you saw her leave Melly ?

Melly~*nods * yes, she went with the bad man with red eyes . I was hiding and they didn’t see me . My kitty made sure they didn’t *a black cat with golden eyes ,sits at her feet like a sentinel *

Princess Cupcake~*looks at each curiously * Mon Dieu ! may I help in any way ? Perhaps I was sent here to assist ?

Melissa~*nods * yes , thank you for being so kind *looks at each of the people in the room , concern etched on her face * we must All be cautious , we don’t know what we shall face out there and we don’t know what for sure is going on *she looks at Mel , says gently but firmly * Mel I think you should stay within the safety of This house *she knows Kurai’s determination to harm and to kill Mel *

Mel~*nods and says softly * yes , Melissa, I promise I will

Melissa~*smiles gently and says softly to the group* I think first thing , we should see if any new portals have been opened , if Kurai has somehow convinced MeliB to go with him or has taken her by force , he may have opened a portal to hide behind until he chooses to execute his plan , whatever that might be

Anthony ~*has been sitting quietly in the room , speaks up * I think it would be wise for everyone to stay together as a group and we should have at least one supernatural with us , as humans we will not last long if a fight breaks out with Kurai and we won’t have a chance of getting MeliB back safely without one with us

Melissa~*nods in agreement * yes Anthony , I agree *takes a deep breath * I have asked Wanda and Gurdor to help us , V and Trixie have also pledged their assistance

Princess Cupcake~ who is this Kurai ?

Melissa~*takes a deep breath and answers her * he is a demon , one who seems to have made it his life’s goal to Kill our dear Mel , he was almost killed himself , a B was carved into his chest by Mel’s rescuer , we shall be forever grateful for her heroism .

Mel~*sits quietly , shifts in her seat as her eyes burn with tears , for reasons inside her heart , that are always there *

Princess Cupcake~*asks curiously * a B? The insect or the letter ?

Melissa~*says softly * the Letter , Mel has told us , it is the first letter of the woman’s true name . *she looks at Mel and quickly tries to change the subject , as this woman is clearly important to Mel and always will be , she knows it causes her pain to talk about her , as she misses her * we will forever be grateful to her *she says in a soft whisper * eternally grateful ,Miss B

Anthony ~*says gently * Princess Cupcake , can you sit with Melly ? Gurdor is going to be with Mel , we just want all of you to be safe while we go and look for MeliB

Princess Cupcake~*smiles and nods * yes of course , I would be happy too