Part 10:the Plot

Kurai~*holds MeliB close and asks her , seemingly genuine in his inquiry * so tell me , are you and your “sisters “ close ?

MeliB~*sighs and snuggles into him * I guess , I mean Melissa is super bossy and Mel is an emotional mess that gets on my nerves and MJ is just locked in a box in some secret glen somewhere, but I don’t see her very much , so I guess maybe we are not that close . Do you have any brothers or sisters or anything ?

Kurai~*a smirk plays on his lips for a moment , then he says with a seemingly heavy sigh * yes , one sister , but I have not seen her in years . We were never close though as she was the favorite .

MeliB~*nods , saying agreeing * aren’t the favorites the worst ! It’s one reason why I despise Mel , everyone caters to her !

Kurai~*his smirk , hidden from her view becomes wider * oh how troublesome , I am sure you would like to see her out of the way one day wouldn’t you ?

MeliB~*sighs * ya , like that’s gonna happen , Wanda has her pet watching over her all the time and Melissa has to know where she is at all times , you can never get her alone

Kurai~*his eyes flash and his smirk widens * perhaps we could devise a way together ?

MeliB~*looks at Kurai with a devious kind of glint in her eyes * what did you have in mind ?

Kurai~*so pleased with her response , she was much more easily manipulated that he thought * oh , I have ways , together I’m sure we will be successful

MeliB~*bites her lip for a moment * I don’t want her killed , ok , just out of the way

Kurai~*smirks wider * oh I’m sure we can devise something . Do you think you could lure her out of V’s , making sure of course that the Gargoyle guard is not close to hand

MeliB~*thinks for a moment and then nods * I think so

Kurai~*laughs darkly * very good . Then I will be waiting .