Part 1~ ***Aleister Crowley , a Noisy Pub and a new friend***

V~*leads Margo towards a very loud sounding place , the sign above the entrance says Crowley’s Pub, she pulls the girl inside quickly , her eyes searching the bar for Aleister *

Margo~*panic in her eyes , she clings to V tightly , whimpering slightly ,the shock of the noise and the shock of seeing so many different creatures at once has her petrified *

V~*looks back at her and says sharply , her eyes flashing * kneel!

Margo~*quickly does as she is told , she kneels and looks at the floor , hands in her lap , she is trembling , but tries not to make a sound , she doesn’t like when she angers Miss V *

V~*sees Aleister and hurries over to him , she takes the drink he offers*

*a dark haired someone with friendly eyes kneels down beside Margo , she touches her shoulder , her voice is soft* it’s alright Love , come with me *a hand is held out to Margo*

Margo~*is to frightened to move , she whispers shakily * But … Miss V said …

*the dark haired girl says gently once more * please come *she takes Margo’s hand * V will come and find you when she is finished speaking to my uncle , my name is Arabella

Margo~*cant help but look up into the friendly face , she smiles shyly and stands , lets the girl lead her away , from the corner of her eye she sees V talking with a man at the bar ,with shocking red hair and a plaid suit , a short distance away from them *

Arabella~*leads Margo to a large cushy armchair , helps her sit then sits down beside her , asks gently * are you feeling better now ?

Margo~*says quietly * I made miss V angry ..*her eyes well with tears *

Arabella ~*smiles softly * awwww , I’m sure you didn’t , it’s just you were freaking out a little and she wanted to help you focus on something else , usually commands work with submissive’s

Margo~*looks at her curiously and asks innocently * what’s a sub..miss..uv?

Arabella~*pats Margo’s shoulder , her voice kind * don’t worry about it , the point is she wanted to take your mind off of being scared and it worked right ?

Margo~*she thinks for a moment then nods and says softly * yes ..

Arabella ~*smiles and laughs softly * see and now all you have to do is wait for a little until she is done talking to my uncle and I am here to keep you company while they talk ,ok ?

Margo~*looks at Arabella and smiles , nods softly , her voice still quiet * I would like that , thank you

Arabella~*puts her arm around Margo and smiles * we are going to be great friends you and me


*back at the bar , Aleister and V are in deep conversation*

Aleister~*keeping his voice low * Kurai knows better than to show his face here , he came in here awhile back saying he had information about the shadows . He is full of BS even as a woman , that man will never learn , I hear he has been locked up in a level of Hell , but that might just be a rumor from someone with wishful thinking, honestly I can’t understand why anyone would give Kurai the time of day , he sure has been a pain in my ass for years , causes trouble at my bar , has even almost gotten himself killed a few times here by the Red Demon .

V~*nods and sets her drink down * he came to my place demanding I give him my new girl , for some reason he acted like he had a claim on her or something *looks thoughtful for a moment * do you think someone was paying him to track Margo ? He said he was just about to take her when I got to her first .

Aleister ~*his eyebrows raise and he laughs , not amusedly * probably , he never quits , it’s always been whatever suits him , whatever he can benefit from , I’m sure he was going to sell her , there was a price on humans heads not too long ago , don’t know if it’s still going on though, haven’t heard much about it recently from my customers

V~*sighs and nods * well I will just have to keep a close eye on my girl then , especially if Kurai is working for whomever is taking humans

Aleister ~*nods in agreement * ya I would , she has already caused a stir here in the pub , but no one would dare touch her with your mark on her

V~*smirks * glad to know I have The respect of your customers Aleister

Aleister ~*smiles and winks at her * you know you always have mine


Part 1 of a new idea , which carries on an idea in one of my previous ideas lol anyways this one won’t be as epically long as my first saga , well , it shouldn’t be anyways 😛

Hope you guys like it ^_^

part 2