Noel & The White Rabbits , part 4 , the Tender reunion

*the rabbit lays a soft paw on the door and a shimmering light circles around it , then it opens , it leads them through to the Glen where Noel is being cared for , it’s so peaceful and beautiful *

*but as soon as the man makes his way through the door , he is quickly immobilized by a thick golden ribbon that wraps itself around his legs , he falls to the ground with a soft thump, thanks to the grass mound that he fell onto , when he is down a black ribbon ties itself around his hands , his book falls to the ground beside him , rabbits from all directions climb onto him , chattering about “bad man “ “terrible things “ “awful” “don’t let him loose “*

*one of the Rabbits stands near the man’s head , he says in a kind but stern voice * we must make sure it is safe before we bring Noel

*the man nods and says in a quiet voice * I understand and I am grateful for this chance , I know … *he becomes emotional , it making his voice shake * … I know I do not deserve it *a tear escapes down the side of his face , he knows in his heart how lucky he is , he also knows how undeserving he is of kindness or this chance to see Noel , he would give up anything to hold her again , even his life *

*a soft sound can be heard as a pair of small feet approach the man , a soft voice whispers * Father ? *Noel stands before her father , the tiny rabbit her mother gave her is tucked under her arm *

*the man’s eyes gloss over with emotion , he can hardly make his voice work , he feels frozen in time , his emotions almost overwhelming him , he whispers her name with such tenderness * Noel

Noel~*gazes at her father, she kneels down beside him , her small hand reaches out gently and wipes away his tears * it’s ok , please don’t cry *she looks into his eyes , with the innocent eyes of love *

*the man says softly * please , take the book , it is for you Dear Noel

Noel~*looks down at the book and reaches for it *

*the man says gently * the Book is our history , we are Puka , It also contains our family photos , open it and you will see

Noel~*opens the book , inside it is a photo of a young girl with grey hair and a smaller girl , also with grey hair sitting in her fathers lap , she traces the image of the young girl in white with her finger , she says softly* this is …. my mother …

*the man nods and says gently * her name was Nadia *his voice full of soft emotion *

Noel~*puts the photo gently back into the book and closes it , she holds it close*i will treasure it , always

*the man smiles through tears that are filling his eyes , her words mean everything to him , his heart is so full of happiness *

Noel ~*reaches out , helping her father to sit up and unties his hands ,the ribbon falls to the ground *

*the man with a Trembling hand , very slowly and very gently , touches her face , his eyes gleaming with emotion , she is not a dream , she is real and before him , he never thought he would ever see her again , his heart beats with such happiness at this reunion *

Noel~*when her father touches her face so gently and lovingly , she covers his hand with her small one*

*no words pass between them , each one knowing what this moment means*

Noel~*suddenly hugs her father , so tightly , so lovingly ,happy tears filling her eyes *

*he holds her close, he cannot believe this is real , he is holding his daughter , his Noel , he vows in his heart to always be there for her , to love her and keep her safe , he would die for her , he loves her more than himself, or anything else in the entire world and universe combined*


Despite this beautiful reunion ❤️truths still need to be told , but I will leave that tale for another day 🐇

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