Noel & The White Rabbits , part 3 , The very Grateful man

*the man knows what he must do now , he must try and contact the ancient one , perhaps she can help him find Noel , he has no other choice , he also knows what he must give to gain her help , he is determined , he goes to the cabinet in his home, places the key in the lock and turns it , the cabinet door swings open and inside it reveals an old book and a small flat sort of figurine of a rabbit with bindings around its body , he gathers these two items and then closes the cabinet once more then stands , tucking both items under his arm , he hurries out from his home once again *

*he travels through dark tunnels until he reaches a weathered wooden door , he places his hand on it and says something under his breath , something that seems to be the word that opens it , because the door swings open and he moves through it *

*on the other side of the door sits , in a small grassy knoll , a very old Rabbit , on either side of her are two white rabbits in repose , she herself has gone mossy green from being sat so long in this place , but she can no longer move about like the other rabbits ,she has become stayed here ,to give advice, as she is the grandmother of the Rabbits of this world , she is as old as the stars *

*the man kneels before her in respect * I have come for your help Ancient one , I have brought a gift *he holds out the flat sort of Rabbit figurine *

*the ancient one , in her withered old voice says to him * you may lay it before me and speak of your need

*the man lays the figure before the ancient rabbit , then tells her what he needs , he tries to keep his voice calm * I need help finding my daughter , I believe she may have been taken to one of the rabbit settlements , a portal was opened in the last place she was seen , please can you help me find her ?

*the ancient rabbit regards Him for a moment , then says gently in her withered old voice * we shall help you

*suddenly a small white Rabbit appears as if he were suddenly summoned here to this place , he regards the man with twitching whiskers , then speaks to him * I am one of the Rabbits from the Glen , your daughter is safe , but I do not believe you will be welcome there, we know what you have done *maybe it is out of kindness, but he explains no further *

*the man nods and says regretfully and softly * I understand *his eyes gaze down, he knows why he is not welcome there and he knows it very well * but I must find her , I have made many mistakes in my life , I have countless regrets , one of them is what I have done to my family , I only want to see her , to tell her how much I regret what happened, how much I wish things had happened differently  , I long to see my Dear Noel again , she is all I have left and I wish for her to know she has me *he indicates the gift * I would Not have given that if I was not sincere

*the small rabbit regards the man once more and glances at the gift , indeed it is a valuable one , he turns back to the man * you have given up your freedom so that you can see your daughter , this is admirable and binding *lowers his head and says softly * I will take you to her soon

*the man’s heart feels as if a great weight is being lifted , he nearly cries * OH ! Thank you Dear Rabbit ! Thank you !! *he bows profusely to the the ancient one and the White Rabbit of the Glen * I am Both Humbled and Grateful

*the small rabbit , with whiskers twitching , approaches the man and says kindly * please come with me … *he hops off the knoll and back towards the ancient door, the man stands from the grassy knoll as well and follows him *


I had a request by a reader to add more photos to my stories ^^ so I have been trying to do that , hope you are all enjoying the story so far , thanks for reading!!! 😁❤️

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