Noel & The White Rabbits , part 1

*a young girl with straight dark grey hair is standing on the edge of an outcropping of rocks , she looks out over the water before her , her hair blowing softly back behind her , her eyes are flecked with many colors , perhaps because she couldn’t decide on just one , her guardians have finally told her enough about how she came to be with them , to make her curious enough for more truths , which is of course what they feared most , they would answer no other questions for her , they only told her she is the last of her kind , besides for a father that she should have nothing to do with , because he is a crazed and dangerous man . they clearly know so much more than they told her , they almost let slip about her mother , but that seems to be a story they will not disclose to her , she is determined to find her father , in hopes he is not as her guardians have told her , in hopes also he will be able to explain to her , who she is and why she had to be taken from he and her mother . She seems to hear her mother’s voice sometimes , telling her things that she can’t quite understand . She will learn the truth , she is determined , good or bad , to find out where she truly belongs *

*suddenly a tiny white rabbit runs past her , then circles back and starts to run in quick circles around Her ankles *

Noel~*looks down at the small rabbit , it is running so fast now that is is merely a bright blur , looking like a ring of light that is now surrounding her , she looks up , the place she was before is suddenly no more , the outcropping of rocks has been replaced by a mossy glen*

*the tiny rabbit collapses at her feet , panting from the effort it just exuded *

Noel~*looks down at the exhausted rabbit , she asks in a soft voice * excuse me , but where are we ? What is this place ?

*the tiny rabbit is still panting and unable to speak , but another rabbit approaches her from the mossy glen , others gather too and with twittering whiskers and with one soft smoothing of its own ear with its paw , looks up at her and says in a small voice * you are in the Glen of the white rabbits 🐇 , your mother is our mother, may she be honored forever *the tiny rabbit bows it’s head to her * she is missed by all here *the tiny rabbit then looks up at her and says in the same small voice * she told us of you , we are honored to make you our mother now . *the tiny rabbit looks up at Noel with reverence * you will always be honored

Noel~*looks down at the tiny rabbit and then kneels down gently in front of it , she says in her quiet voice * thank you dear Rabbit , I miss her to , do you also know of my father ?

*suddenly at this question a muttering and cacophony of tiny voices echo and squeak around her *”he is bad” “yes , yes , stay away “ “he has done bad things “ “awful! So truly awful!”

Noel~*looks around her as the voices express their dislike of her father , she asks quietly * what do you mean ? What has he done ? *she is met with silence , as no rabbit wishes to answer that *

*the small rabbit at her feet says in its tiny voice * your father is not a good man , one day you will know what he has done , one day you will know why we say beware , but your destiny is to meet your father , we cannot stop the fates . *it gazes at her with twitching whiskers * so please , take heed our words and be cautious and remember , be true to you dear Noel , be true to you

Noel~*she listens carefully to the small rabbit and nods , says in a soft whisper * I Promise , I will

To be continued…..

part 2