(6)Let’s go find a page boy, pt 1

Kurai~*sighs heavily * what the Hell does she want this time ?

Aldon~*shrugs * I don’t know but it sounded important in her letter , she had something stolen from her , my guess it’s that bracelet that’s caused so much trouble lately .she was going to have it taken to the underworld to be taken care of *when he and Kurai approach Divina’s front door it opens for them , the gargoyles eyes follow them up the stairs and inside *

Kurai~*steps inside with an attitude * well Vampire boy , here we go again . You know I don’t know why she keeps asking us to do her dirty work for her

Aldon~*shrugs again * I don’t know Kurai , maybe it’s because we both owe her

Kurai~*scoffs and laughs not heartily * ya I guess … *mutters something incoherent *

Divina~*stands in the doorway to her study * please do come in gentleman , I have someone I want you to meet *she motions for them to enter the room *

Aldon~*nods and enters the room with Kurai, he stops dead in his tracks at someone he notices in the room , she is so white she is almost glowing , even her eyes seem to hold some kind of white light *

Kurai~*his jaw drops at the sight of this woman in white , he says under his breath * …holy shit …

*the woman in white regards the two men , she delicately takes off her white fur cape and drapes it over a chair , her voice is soft and warm * good evening gentleman , I am Celeste , the Grand High Witch of the White Forest Coven . *she bows her head slightly and almost regally , she emanates a power that also adds to her glowing appearance *

Kurai~*sweeps over to her flirtatiously , taking her hand delicately and kisses it * well hello *he winks at her *

Celeste~*with one wave of her free hand she calmly causes Kurai to fly back away from her * disrespectful demon , I do not appreciate your flirtatious manner , you will treat me with respect or suffer the consequences

Kurai~*picks himself up off the floor , smirking , mutters under his breath * wow , she is feisty , I like it … *his eyes flash , his brain devising plans to woo her *

Celeste ~*ignores him and turns to Aldon * you seem quite the gentleman , you are a vampire yes? You have been very helpful in determining the humans capabilities , I will make my own assessment when I meet her this evening . But you were most helpful .

Aldon~*smiles politely , not wanting to say how much he disapproves of treating humans like he was forced to , but he keeps it to himself * thank you and respectfully Miss , please be kind to the human , she has been through a lot , she is very fragile emotionally .

Celeste~*smiles kindly * I will be as gentle as I can be .

Aldon~*smiles kindly * thank you Miss , I do appreciate that and so will she

Divina~*looks to Kurai* Kurai go and tell Wanda to bring the girl to us ..

Kurai~*salutes her * right away boss … *he hurries from the room and heads down to the room he knows Mel is being kept in , he knocks on the door*

Wanda~*goes to the door quietly and opens it , sees who it is and says quietly * yes what is it ?

Kurai~ Divina wants you and the girl in the study pronto

Wanda ~*looks back into the room at the sleeping Mel and then back at Kurai* I will bring her as soon as I can .. tell her we need at least a few minutes

Kurai~*shrugs* alright …*walks back to the study * she will be down presently .. *he smirks *

Divina ~*seems pleased with this answer and nods * very well *snaps her fingers and a tray with tea and biscuits appears and sets itself on the table * do please help yourself while we are waiting


Wanda~*closes the door once Kurai leaves and turns to the sleeping Mel , she approaches her gently and sits beside her on the bed , gently smoothes the hair back from her face *

Mel~*stirs gently and her eyes Flickr open sleepily , she smiles softly seeing Wanda *

Wanda ~*smiles back and says quietly * Divina wants to see you . She is waiting in the study .

Mel~*looks instantly worried , grips the blanket she is covered with , her voice quiet and nervous * is .. that .. vampire there ?

Wanda ~*says gently * yes I believe he is , but he is not here to hurt you , I give you my word , I believe Divina wants Celeste to meet you . She is a white witch .

Mel~*still looks worried , asks quietly * do I have to go ..

Wanda ~*nods and says softly, touching Mel’s arm * I will be right there , I won’t let Divina send me from the room , Gargoyles honor

Mel~*takes a slow deep breath and nods , says quietly * … alright …


Divina~*regards Kurai and Aldon * gentlemen I need a favor from both of you , it’s why I called you both here , I had a dangerous object stolen out of the hands of the page boy Casimir, I need you to find him and question him  , i need help in finding out who has taken it, we need to retrieve it before it is too late .

Aldon~*asks curiously *where can we find him ?

Divina~I believe he has gone underground , as soon as I discover the location I will send one of my crows to deliver it , please hurry , this could be a matter of life and death and if nothing else , such a powerful object if in the wrong hands , could mean trouble for all of us

Kurai~*looks at Aldon and shrugs * well I guess let’s go find us a page boy * smirks slightly *

Celeste~*has been observing calmly and quietly this entire time, she says in a very soft voice * good luck to both of you

Kurai~*not able to resist another smart remark says with a wink * thanks babe

Celeste ~*turns away choosing to ignore him this time and picks up her tea cup and sips it *


Next part …