(8)Mel and the White Witch

Wanda~*gently leads Mel into Divina’s study , she can feel her trembling *

Divina~*smiles and sweeps over to them and indicates a woman in white standing in the room , she seems to emanate a power , it’s palpable in the room * Mel , this is Celeste , she is Grand High Witch of the White Forest Coven . She wanted to meet you …

Celeste ~*her diamond eyes gaze at Mel , she sweeps over slowly , the power she emanates flowing with her , she stops just in front of Mel and Wanda , her voice is warm and friendly , her eyes sparkle as she speaks * it’s a pleasure to meet you Mel , I have heard so many interesting things about you … *she holds out her hand * please let me take your hand ..

Mel~*her breath catches in her throat as she stares at her , she can feel the power from this woman , it’s almost overwhelming her , she tries to fight the “command” to take her hand , she cannot look away from the woman , nor can she stop her hand , it slips into the white witches hand obediently, instantly she feels a shift in her mind ,she lets out a whimper as the white witch is accessing her memories and she can’t stop her *

Celeste~*smoothes her fingers gently over Mel’s hand , she speaks almost dreamily as she receives the images and information * how very intriguing … yes … Most intriguing …*she lets Mel’s hand go and asks her softly * you have been through much my lovely , haven’t you *she reaches out and gently touches Mel’s face *

Mel~*looks into the diamond eyes , she feels compelled to answer , she cannot resist at all * ….yes ….*her eyes burn , finally from deep down ,she finds the strength to speak on her own * …please let me go …I don’t want to talk about it …

Celeste ~*looks at her curiously, then smiles , letting Mel free of her influence and releasing her hand * you are very brave my lovely , it’s impressive the strength you have ,most humans would be on their knees before me …

Mel~*takes Wanda’s hand tightly in hers *…

Celeste ~*sees this and smiles * do you know much about the bracelet you were given , my lovely ?

Mel~*looks at her and says softly * it made it so I can live longer … and my telekinesis Was much more powerful than it ever was

Celeste ~*her diamond eyes sparkle more intensely now * yes , but did you know , that if it would have been allowed to stay with you , you would have become more powerful than Divina and myself combined , your power could have eventually switched off the sun .

Mel~*looks at her confused * really ?

Celeste ~*nods and says kindly * yes , it is why it had to be taken away , but there is another problem

Mel~*looks curious again and also feels a nervous twinge begin once more in her stomach *… what do you mean ?

Celeste ~*regards Mel and says softly and gently * it was stolen once more and depending on who has taken it , your life could be in imminent danger , it had bonded with you , so, if it gets destroyed , there is a strong possibility that you will be too . Even though I believe the being who took it has other ideas , such as the power you could wield with it , they may wish to harness it , if you fell into their hands , the danger to everyone would become astronomical .

Mel~*looks in shock and is also squeezing Wanda’s hand tighter than she had intended , tries to sound strong ,though her insides are trembling * … what’s going to happen ?

Celeste ~*regards her, deciding how to explain the plan * you need to be placed where you cannot be harmed if the bracelet is destroyed , somewhere that can block magic of that strength , also a place to keep you safe from being taken ..

Mel~*asks quietly in almost a whisper * where can I go?

Celeste ~*smiles kindly , her diamond eyes sparkling * I know of only one place that contains the protection you need . We will see that you are taken there as soon as possible ,we should not delay

Mel~*looks at Wanda worriedly , asks in almost a panic * please can Wanda stay with me

Celeste ~*smiles kindly * yes of course my lovely , she may

Mel~*looks so relieved , takes a deep breath *

Wanda ~*smiles encouragingly and squeezes her hand back gently *

Mel~*smiles back at Wanda and then hugs her , holding her so tight , asks softly* where is she going to take us ?

Wanda ~*whispers back * I do not know .. but don’t let it worry you , we shall be together and I won’t let anything happen to you , Gargoyles honor .


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