Mel and the Shocking surprise

Mel and the shocking surprise , Part 1

Mel~*sleeping in one of the large armchairs in V’s place , she doesn’t hear the soft footsteps that are approaching her *

*a soft hand reaches out and touches Mel’s arm *

Mel~*wakes with a start at feeling someone touch her , her eyes widen when she sees the someone next to her , she can’t even speak , she feels frozen for several moments *

*a soft voice speaks to her oh so gently * it’s alright Mel *and as if reading her mind says * and no this is not a dream dear

Mel~*reaches out and touches the familiar face with a trembling hand , whispers * how ? How is this possible *she takes in the familiar features and admires the light blonde hair , a kind of tingling energy hangs in the air around them as they touch *

*the blonde her , smiles and says gently * I’m Melissa , I am from another realm , but I don’t remember the name of it as it was deleted by the Moderators .

Mel~*looks at her curiously , whispers in shock * they deleted it ?

Melissa ~*nods and says quietly * yes , unfortunately , there is another whose realm was also deleted , she appeared with me in the out space that was left for us to escape in

*a cute little version of herself smiles up at Mel , she is holding a small object in her hand *

Mel~*gasps and goes pale as she sees the small version of herself , then she sees the object in her small selfs hand *

Mel~*barely able to speak she whispers * oh my gawd , where did you get that !

*her tiny self says in a cute little voice * it’s just a marble , isn’t it pretty

the magic kitty found it for me *a small black cat with golden eyes is suddenly sitting next to her small self *

Mel~*gasps and looks as if she might faint, whispers in shock * oh my gawd

Melissa~*sits next to Mel , touches her shoulder gently , speaks softly * are you alright dear ?

Mel~*cannot speak , she is staring at the small girl , the marble and the cat , she cannot move *

*her tiny self climbs onto Melissa’s lap *

Melissa ~*speaks gently * take your time dear , it’s going to be alright *doesn’t want to mention to Mel in her current state that there is a 4th of themselves that they still need to find *


“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to affect, but actually, from a non-linier, non subjective point of view it is more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey…stuff 
Doctor Who (David Tennant)

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