Mel and the Nightmare demon ~🖤

Darkus~*smiles softly , so happy Mel trusts him , he was hoping she wouldn’t be frightened of him , but then she doesn’t remember what he is , he hopes when he tells her , that she will not be , he needs to tell her about why she knows him and how they met , he also knows she is fragile emotionally , so he must tread carefully, he senses her shift beside him ,first a little then fitfully, he looks at her concerned , then he lets his true nature take over for a moment, his eyes shimmer like a black midnight , he senses keenly , she is having a night mare

he reaches out slowly and touches her face gently , fingers softly caressing , whispering softly to her , repeating an ancient ritual , he begins to remove the night mare until it fades and he has consumed it , he feels her relax against him once more , he smiles softly *

Mel~*with a soft smile on her face , shifts gently and then her eyes open , looking at Darkus and a light goes on in her mind , she says softly * I know who you are now

Darkus~*smiles gently at her * I told you it would come to you

Mel~*she looks at him with such adoration , her eyes full of emotion * you were taken from me , you were my protector , you took the bad dreams away , when I was going through such a dark time , you were there for me *she wipes a tear that slid down her cheek * I got you back

Darkus~*smiles softly and his voice is very gentle * yes and do you know what I am Mel ?

Mel~*looks into his dark eyes and says quietly * you are a nightmare demon

Darkus~*looks back into her eyes and also speaks quietly * yes , I can give nightmares as well as take them away . But I would never hurt you , I would never give you nightmares .

Mel~*still looking into his eyes says softly * I know *smiles softly at him , she trusts him so very much *


Hopefully we will learn soon what the circumstances of her needing him were , she has been through much and my guess is she met him before she was led away to Divinas house . The other question is , why was he taken from her ? Why was he trapped in another Realm and how did the witches find him to help him find the only one who could release him from that realm ?