Mel and the Mysterious Voice ~🖤

*on a dark evening , one in which the moon is not even shining , walks a girl , she is dressed all in black and if not for her golden curls , she would not be seen at all in the darkness , on either side of her is a deep dark wood , she suddenly steps inside the cover of the trees , making her way knowledgeably , she approaches an open area just a few feet inside this dark wood , two other figures are already gathered here , also wearing black , one also having golden curls that stand out in the darkness . They all quietly and as was arranged , take each other’s hands , they make a circle , a soft chanting can be heard from the 3 ladies in black , as they chant a circle of golden light begins to materialize in the center of the circle at their feet *


Mel~*wakes suddenly , her heart is beating wildly , she had another bad dream , she can’t remember what it’s about , she has had it every night for a week , but she can never make herself remember the contents of it , but can anyone really ever remember dreams ? She wouldn’t be overly concerned but for the fact , she feels somehow that someone or some thing is blocking her from whatever it was , maybe it was something important , she slips out of the chair and stands in the room , she hears a voice , it sounds far away , she can’t quite make out what it is saying , she spins around , can’t help but say to the darkness * who… is there ? ….

*the voice speaks again and this time the words are clear * open a portal

Mel~*cautious of many things anymore , will need more information about who is asking before she would dare do such a thing , she hopes her voice sounds confident , instead of fearful * who are you ?

*the voice answers * I am trapped , please open a portal

Mel~*is not sure what to do , her voice now shows her concern * but how can I trust you , I don’t know who you are

*the voice answers * but I know you Mel, my brother Darius has spoken highly of you to me *hoping this statement will put her at ease *

Mel~*eyebrows wrinkle at this statement * brother ? , what’s your name ?

*the voice answers * I am Darkus Lucien Dark .

Mel~*gasps slightly , why does that name sound familiar to her , she tries to make sense of things , what should she do *

*the voice speaks gently but urgently * please , open a portal , you have the power , I will explain everything ,I promise

Mel~*holds out her hand , a bright ball of light appears in it , she then tosses it lightly in front of her and a glowing portal appears , moments later a dark haired someone leaps out of it *

*the man , sounding urgent says * quick close the portal !

Mel~*he sounds and looks so urgent that she does as he says and closes it quickly, she looks at this man , something is familIar to her , where has she seen him before , she can’t remember *

Darkus~*takes a deep audible breath and smiles * wow thanks Mel ! You are my hero *his dark eyes sparkle at her *

Mel~*she can’t help but give a soft smile back to him , she asks softly * I … know you somehow , but I can’t remember why

Darkus~*smiles kindly at her and gives a soft laugh * I’m sure it will come back to you

Mel~*looks at him curiously , he doesn’t deny having met her , she wishes she could remember , but maybe there is a reason why she can’t , her head starts to ache from trying so hard to remember *

Darkus ~*sees how distressed she looks and says gently * Put your hand in mine Mel

Mel~*looks at the offered hand and she trustingly slips her hand into his , she feels something shift in her mind , a flood of memories rushing at her , but she can’t sort them out , she sees Darkus , she sees fire , she sees a black cat with shining golden eyes , she pulls her hand away , breathing fast , heart racing , she looks confused and scared*

Darkus~*speaks gently to her * it’s alright Mel , I don’t think your mind is ready to sort it out yet, it’s ok *he doesn’t dare touch her again , but he desperately wants to comfort her * why don’t we sit down somewhere *he motions to the nearby squashy armchair*

Mel~*in a slight daze , seats herself , she looks at the floor , her heart beating unevenly , she feels frightened , but not of him , but of the bits of memory that had flooded her mind *

Darkus~*seats himself beside her , puts his arm around her , he says gently * it’s going to be ok

Mel~*at his kind words and his presence , she feels incredibly safe , as if he was sent here for that very purpose * how did you find me ?

Darkus~*smiles and chuckles lightly * well that’s an interesting story and it begins with 3 witches

Mel~*moves a bit so she can face him and looks curious * witches ? How did they know ?

Darkus~*smiles at her * well they are friends of mine and one knew you very well and she was all to pleased to help me find you , her name is Mimosa

Mel~*smiles * oh yes ! Mimosa ! I know her , she must have gotten a lot stronger , her sister always said she was the weaker one, but I always told her to never give up and I’m glad she didn’t

Darkus~*smiles and nods * ya she made it possible for me to at least speak to you and then I just had to hope you would open a portal for me to step through .

Mel~*smiles softly, then bites her lip a bit * I just wish I could remember where we met

Darkus~*gives a soft smile* don’t worry , when the time is right , you will remember , but don’t ask me for more clues ,I think that might be a bad idea right now

Mel~*sighs* ok * but smiles, snuggles against him , eyes closed , feeling very at ease and calm , she is determined to let her mind , in its own time , remember him and how they met *


I wish I had better lighting in my room , one day I hope to have a diorama I can take photos in , until then I have to make do with what I have . Anyways , hope you all like my newest character , Darkus , he has been on my mind for so long , it’s gratifying to bring him to life finally in my stories 😉

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