(21)Margo’s Story

Part 1 – The Man with the Red eyes

*on a beach at sunset , a girl with long black hair , bright far away sky blue eyes , dressed in a striped long sleeve shirt , the sleeves too long for her , but it’s how she likes it , it covers her hands , which makes her feel safer , but from what? , she doesn’t know , she wraps her arms around herself as she looks out over the water , her long straight black hair blowing back gently , she closes her eyes , she wishes the dreams would stop , in all of the dreams she is powerful , strong and able to do anything ,but in real life she doesn’t feel powerful at all , because of these dreams she has become terrified of having her hands uncovered , because the dreams seem so real , she can almost feel a kind of power inside herself , right down to her finger tips and it frightens her , she doesn’t notice , but someone is watching her , a cloaked someone , it looks as if they were deciding whether or not to approach the girl *

*the cloaked figure finally makes its decision after a moment or two and begins to make its way closer to the girl , it seems to be calculating every step , making every movement smooth and cautious , even its cloak billows behind it quietly in the wind , but whatever it does it knows , the girl will be frightened at their approach , the figure knows to be extra careful with her , because she is the girl he was told about , the one that needed to be found , the other girl with extraordinary powers , ones she was forced to forget , ones that are about to surface and become known , the timeline set for their emergence is soon, she has been protected up until now , keeping her powers as but a dream to her subconscious mind , the powers buried so they could not be detected , but she will be aware of them soon and the sooner someone tells her what she needs to know , the better , a voice softly calls to her * Maaarrrgggooo….*the name whispered and carried to her by the wind *

Margo~*starts at hearing her name and turns frantically to see who has called her , she sees the cloaked figure slowly approaching and her heart stops , her breath catches in her throat , she cannot move for a moment , then she finds her feet and runs , hair streaming behind her, the sand making it difficult for her to move very fast*

*the figure visibly and audibly sighs , he knew this would be a difficult thing , it was with the last one he encountered , he doesn’t want to frighten her more , but he must confront her , she must be told what she needs to know and soon , for her own protection , he vanishes and appears directly in her path , causing her to crash into him , he strongly but gently grabs her before she can even scream , he vanishes with her *

part 2 The Truth in the library , or at least part of it

Margo~*has her eyes tightly shut , her body trembling terribly , is this another dream , did she dream the figure in the cloak , will she open her eyes now and see herself back at the home she knows, with her long sleeves covering her hands she peers out just above one of her sleeves , but what she sees is not the familiar home she has known , but another place , she holds her breath and then jumps slightly as she hears a voice speaking to her *

Darius~*kneels down next to the girl who he has brought to his home , he speaks to her softly , hoping not to frighten her more * Margo , I hope you will forgive me , but I had to bring you here

Margo~*moves her sleeved hand down a bit more from her eyes , she looks at the man , he has red eyes , but a very kind face , she manages to find her voice , she asks in a whisper * how do you know my name ?

Darius~*smiles kindly at her and keeps his voice gentle * I have only recently learned about you my dear , but I will leave that story for another day , but please understand , you are safe now . My name is Darius and this is my home .

Margo~*sits up slowly , keeping her eyes on Darius for the most part , but also noticing that they are in a library , she loves books , a small smile forms on her lips , then her mind snaps back to her current reality , she asks quietly * why … am I here ?

Darius~*smiles kindly once more and says gently still * I promise I will explain everything to you , but I do not think it would be wise to give you too much information too quickly , for it is a long and complicated story *he notices her interest in the books , he smiles more * but please make yourself at home here , the books are longing for someone to read them *his eyes sparkle at her *

Margo~*cant help but smile , then she regards Darius once more , she asks curiously * sir …. why are your eyes red ?

Darius~*smiles, a very small chuckle escapes him * I think perhaps that explanation must come later my dear *reaches out and touches her hand softly * but please remember you are safe here .

Margo~*is so curious , she wishes he would tell her , but something occurs to her , maybe he is the victim of some rare disease , maybe he is embarrassed by it , she nods and says quietly * thank you sir

Darius~*smiles and pats her hand and then stands * please call me Darius and if you need anything , do not hesitate to ask *he quietly leaves the library *

Part 3 – The Friendly maid and more truths

Margo~*watches him go and then remembers suddenly , how did they get here , to This house , she doesn’t remember how they got here , he grabbed her , she remembers that , then they were here , she startles as she sees someone else entering the library , it’s a girl carrying a tray with tea things on it *

*its a girl wearing maids clothes ,smiles kindly* master Darius said you might like some tea *she sets the tray down on the small wooden table near Margo *

Margo~*her sleeve covered hands are still wrapped around her as she sits , says quietly * thank you *she still looks worried and disturbed by how the man brought her here and why does he have red eyes *

*the girl smiles and pours a cup of tea , notices that Margo looks worried * are you alright Miss ?

Margo ~*looks at the girl and says in a whisper * that man ….he … is .. different .. something about his eyes … and … I don’t know how … but .. we were there , then we were here … *she rubs at her forehead with her sleeve covered hand , as if it aches, scrunching her eyes as she does this *

*the girls says kindly * the master does not wish to frighten you Miss , but I can tell you about him , if you like ? *she looks towards the door for a moment hoping not to be overheard , since this really isn’t her place , then turns back to Margo and says gently * don’t be frightened Miss but the master is a Demon , he won’t hurt you , he is very kind

Margo~*looks completely in shock for a moment , she can’t believe this , she says in an awed whisper * but ….it …it can’t be …

*the girl smiles and pats her arm * it’s alright Miss , he won’t hurt you . I promise .

Margo~*looks at the girl , her arms wrapped around her tighter now , looks very pale, sleeve covered hands pressed under her armpits , she whispers * am I dreaming ? *she always feels like she is in a dream anyway , her life has been so foggy for as long as she can remember , she is never sure what is real and what is not , just like the girls face that keeps showing up in her dreams , who is she ? *

*the girl says gently , placing a hand on Margo’s arm * no , you are not dreaming


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