Margo & the Mysterious woman , Part 6 , Margo’s Reward

V~*comes up behind Margo , slipping her arms around her waist and pulls her close , her lips so close to hers , voice warm and sultry * are you ready for your reward ?

Margo~*feels her body react to V’s touch , she closes her eyes , she leans back into V and whispers softly , longingly *… yes …..*she feels something on her wrists , she feels a thrill of delicious fear inside her when she sees the handcuffs that are now on her and the feel of V’s fingers starting to work their magic in that very special place, she has to close her eyes , her breathing quickens as the sensations of what V is doing to her course through her body , she feels V lay her back and remove her underthings , immediately her special place becomes warm and eager , waiting for what she knows will be coming next , she can almost not contain her desire , she makes eager sounds of urgency *

Margo~*gasps out in soft ecstasy as V’s tongue now works it’s magic where her fingers just were , she has to close her eyes once more, as the room has started to spin slightly *

Margo~*grabs onto the sides of the big armchair and lets out cries of intense pleasure , she feels her entire body burn with the intensity of what V is doing to her , she never wants her to stop *

V~*slowly pulls away , she doesn’t want to take too much , she doesn’t want to harm Margo , because they have just been together recently and she is still slightly weak from that first sexual encounter , but she couldn’t resist , Margo is irresistible in so many ways and she was so brave and in discovering what V herself is *

*the two of them lay together , breathing softly, not knowing that lurking in the shadows outside of V’s house , is a someone neither one of them would want to meet , but no matter , because they are coming and things will be peaceful no more *


Oooh the joys of conflict lol , I wonder who will be visiting that will destroy the peace ? 🤔

find out who in part 7 , click the link to read it