Margo & the Mysterious woman , Part 4 , The Library and Book

Margo~*sitting in the big green chair of the reading room of the large library she visits when she needs answers , the Librarian always so kind to help her , sits down with the books that V has given her , hoping to discover what kind of being V is , she reads carefully and tries to remember everything she knows about her , which is very little , since she just met her recently , but it seems longer because they have shared so much already, but she reads on , determined to discover something *

*a small bright red book sits next to her , if it were a dog it would be gazing up at her with big brown eyes , but in books case it can just rustle it’s pages at her , trying to get her attention *

Librarian~*appears next to Margo and asks kindly * how is the research going ?

Margo~*sighs and says softly * I just can’t seem to find any being that matches her in these books at all , I guess I just don’t know enough about her really , except ….*blushes profusely and says in a shy whisper * for …. how she makes me feel … *her face burns for several minutes and she squirms in her chair *

Librarian ~*chuckles softly , as she notices the red book leap onto Margo’s head gently , she doesn’t seem to notice it * hmm… why don’t you ask Book ?

Margo~*looks at her curiously * book? *she gazes down at the one in her hands , then back at the Librarian * but i can’t find anything in it and I searched and searched

Librarian ~*smiles and her eyes shine with gentle amusement * Well try the one that has been sitting with you , it’s been trying very hard to get your attention *she indicates the red book that has now hopped off of Margo’s head and is sitting by her arm that is resting on the chair *

Margo~*turns and gasps , she never noticed a book like that was with her in the chair , she gently almost shyly picks it up *

Librarian ~*smiles brightly * I am the one who creates these books Margo, each Traveler gets a book , it is your traveling companion , it is a sentient being Margo, which means it is Alive in its own way , it will be there for you always , it also records all of your experiences , everything , also it can provide information about those you meet on your journeys , just by letting that being touch the book or hold the book , if a being is too dangerous and you know it , I would stay clear all together , but in this case , let V hold Book and then see what Book has to say about her *winks and smiles *

Margo~*holds Book and whispers to it * will you help me book ? I need to know what Miss V is

*in answer , Book rustles its pages eagerly , meaning yes *

Margo~*smiles brightly and holds Book close , excitement coursing through her ,her mind jumping ahead to things she is longing for *

Librarian ~*smiles and says gently * Take good care of Book Margo and it will always take care of you

Margo~*smiles softly and holds Book gently * I Promise I will Librarian , always


Note: I thought this was a clever thing , sentient books , I have always loved books , so my brain came up with , why can’t books have lives of their own , I would love to go into more detail about them some day , they are really fun little critters 😉

Thanks for reading !!

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