Margo & the Mysterious woman , Part 3 , The challenge

V~*leans on the arm of the chair Margo is resting in , she has a kind of playful smirk on her face , her hand resting on 2 books * would you like a challenge?

Margo~*smiles softly at her and says in her quiet voice * what kind of challenge ?

V~*smiles and leans close to her , her eyes flashing * I want you to do research in these two books and discover what I am and if you get it right , I will reward you * her smirk gets wider * and if you fail , I will punish you * she winks as her eyes flash once more *

Margo~*looks at her and asks softly and a bit nervously * punish ?

V~*chuckles lightly and says in her sultry voice * I wouldn’t let that worry you Love

Margo~*looks at the books and touches the covers softly with her delicate fingers , then looks up at V , smiles, her cheeks flushing * I will do it , I accept the challenge

V~*smirks very pleased * Very good love *winks at her * I will be waiting *she moves back away from the chair and walks out of the room , her heels clicking on the hard floor of the library , the clicks fade as she steps out of the door and a soft click is heard as she closes it *

Margo~*takes a deep breath and opens up one of the books , eager to find out what Miss V is , she squirms a bit with the excitement of either outcome to her research , which distracts her for a few moments , until she settles in and begins to read *


To be continued ….

***What will Margo discover about V , what kind of being or creature is she , only the books will tell her . ***

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