Margo and the Mysterious woman ~ Part 1, V

Margo and the Mysterious woman ~ a story about an innocents introduction to one of the pleasures of life .

Margo~*moments after stepping out of the safety of her new guardians home, she is suddenly grabbed by a forceful hand , she is taken somewhere , she doesn’t know where , but it must be someplace else , it doesn’t look like where she was , was it by magic , she doesn’t know , she is suddenly pushed against a wall forcefully and when she can focus , she sees a woman standing in front of her , the woman’s hands pressed against her arms , pinning her , all she can do is stare into the eyes, eyes that are not human , unearthly eyes , even more so than her own , she can’t move , she is immobilized by uncertainty , her naivety causing her to simply stare at the woman dumbfounded , who is she and what does she want with her*

*the woman gives an almost sardonic smile and says in a sultry voice * “You can Call me “V” , Love “

Margo ~*looks back at her with innocent eyes , her voice soft and quiet * please let me go , Miss V

V~*chuckles very lightly and amusedly * but I have heard , you are a traveler , one sent by the Moderators to learn and experience the world , I find that intriguing . Don’t you want to learn about me ? *her smile is nearly a smirk , but her voice is soft and sultry, there is something hidden in her eyes as she looks at Margo , she releases her from the wall and pulls her to sit down with her *

Margo~*her innocent ,blue ,unearthly eyes look back into V’s , she replies  softly, something inside her longing to know who this woman is* yes , I do .

V~*smirks slightly , keeping her voice warm and inviting * then I shall tell you , I am someone who could teach you about something …..irresistible* her eyes flash as she watches Margo closely , a kind of hunger in her eyes *

Margo~*innocently asks , her blue eyes curious and anxious for the information * what is the something ?

V~*smirks once more and reaches out to touch Margo’s face softly , speaking in a warm gentle voice * it’s a secret , I can show you

Margo~*feeling excitement that she doesn’t understand building inside her , she nods, saying softly , almost a whisper * … yes … show me …

V~*smirks once more and then very gently proceeds to show Margo exactly what she means , she pushes the girl gently back , she begins to move the shoulder of Margo’s dress down , very slowly , as if she were unwrapping a decadent dessert, she asks, consent will be a must in this act , her voice soft and warm * i am going to remove your dress , is that ok

Margo~*unable to speak at first , she feels tingles moving throughout her body that she has never felt before , she nods , then manages to whisper *…yes….

V~*very delighted with her consent , she proceeds to remove Margo’s dress and drop it gently to the floor , including her underthings , she then removes her own things , she can feel Margo’s innocent eyes watching her *

Margo~*gasps breathlessly as she watches V and even more so when V removes her clothing , her body feeling so very warm everywhere , she lets V slip on a very sheer red robe over her shoulders and she watches her put on her own , her cheeks so flushed , sensations coursing through her that she doesn’t understand , because she has never felt this before *

V~*smiles down at Margo and then very gently touches one of her breasts , she speaks warmly * I am going to touch you more , ok ?

Margo~*is so breathless now at V’s touch , her body eagerly asking for something it wants , she wants to be touched , everywhere , she gasps out in a whisper * yes!

V~*smirks , very pleased by her reactions , she throws off her own robe and prepares to give Margo exactly what she wants *


Call me a tease but I decided to end it right there . I have been wanting to make a scene like this for some time now . Sex is a natural part of life , I’m sure all who have experienced it can remember their first time . I’m very pleased with how this photo story turned out , I wanted it to be tasteful and beautiful , also revealing just enough , no need to be grotesque and now Margo has learned the irresistibleness of pleasure . ❤️ Also as an added note , I wonder what Miss V is ? 🤔 speculations can be made , anyone have a guess ? And also , how did she know where to find Margo ?

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