Margo and the Mysterious woman , Part 2

Margo~*feels herself slowly stirring , she feels weakness in her entire body , she feels frightened by it , she says quietly, emotionally , eyes still closed , hoping she is still there * Miss ….V ?

V~*is right by her side in an instant , she gently touches her face * shhh , be still Love , you need to rest , I took a lot out of you last night *a slight smirk can be heard in her voice , then it softens again * but you were so eager , I couldn’t resist

Margo~*is able to open her eyes slowly , she gazes at V , her voice weak but soft * why do I …. feel so … weak … I’m scared

V~*looks at her with gentle , caring eyes , her voice warm * there is no need to be scared Love , you are going to be alright . Did you enjoy our time together *she has a soft smirk on her face , because she knows she did *

Margo~*her face flushes hot and pink and her eyes gaze at V , forgetting her fear for now , she remembers how she felt and how even now she Longs to feel it again , she whispers*… yes … *she reaches out slowly and touches V’s arm * please … will you touch me again ..

V~*lets out a soft chuckle and smiles * you are eager aren’t you , yes , but when you are rested . I don’t want to damage you . You are a perfect diamond in a sea of coal .

Margo~*asks curiously , because she senses there is something more to this woman , much more than she knows * Miss V , please , will you tell me what you are ?

V~*smiles gently * one day ,yes , today , no

Margo~*asks softly once more, curious to know how V found her , but doesn’t quite know what to ask * why did you pick me ?

V~*smirks ever slightly * you were recommended to me by a good friend of mine , she told me you were asking questions , many questions and doing research , I was all to happy to give you the answers you were seeking *she winks at Margo*

Margo~*her cheeks flush so hot they could be on fire , she looks down slightly , she remembers doing research in the library about sex and wanting to know what it felt like, she asked many people in her new guardians home about it too, she shifts a little on the bed , she can’t help it *

V~*watches her with a soft smirk , then touches Margo gently on the arm * now get some rest my Love , you need it *covers Margo gently with a blanket , kisses her cheek and then hums softly , a sweet lullaby, to relax her, she cares very much for this girl , most of her victims are just that , victims , but this girl is special , she wants to keep her and protect her,because she knows, she isn’t the only one pursuing Margo and the other is much more dangerous than she *


I almost let V tell Margo what she is , but I think I will save that reveal , though some of you might know what she is already , possibly lol anyways , I am enjoying this dynamic and so glad the other pursuer did not find Margo before V did .

*To be continued ……

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